Partnership Interests definition

Partnership Interests shall have the meaning specified in Section 6.3 [Subsidiaries].
Partnership Interests is defined in the Partnership Agreement.
Partnership Interests shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 6.1.3.

Examples of Partnership Interests in a sentence

  • All Partnership Interests shall constitute personal property of the owner thereof for all purposes and a Partner has no interest in any specific Partnership property.

  • Any new Partner who acquires Partnership Interests in this Partnership on the basis of a transfer from any outgoing Partner must be required as a condition of the partnership's interest to sign an agreement obliging such a new Partner to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

  • The holders of a majority, by Percentage Interest, of Partnership Interests of the class or classes for which a meeting has been called (including Partnership Interests deemed owned by the General Partner) represented in person or by proxy shall constitute a quorum at a meeting of Partners of such class or classes unless any such action by the Partners requires approval by holders of a greater Percentage Interest, in which case the quorum shall be such greater Percentage Interest.

  • It is hereby acknowledged that immediately thereafter and pursuant to the Merger Agreements, all API Investors in API Partnerships that participate in the Exchange shall contribute to AREP all of the Partnership Interests in the Partnership received by them in the Exchange in return for the issuance of Units to such API Investors, and AREP shall thereby be the sole Limited Partner of the Partnership.

  • The Series 17 Preferred Units shall each be deemed to rank as to payment of distributions on such Partnership Interests and distributions upon liquidation, dissolution or winding-up of the Partnership, whether voluntary or involuntary: i.

More Definitions of Partnership Interests

Partnership Interests shall have the meaning given to such term in Section 5.1.3. PBGC shall mean the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation established pursuant to Subtitle A of Title IV of ERISA or any successor. Permitted Acquisition shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 7.2.6. Permitted Investments shall mean:
Partnership Interests means the entire limited partnership interests of Pledgor in each of the Owned LP’s, including, without limitation, Pledgor’s capital account, its interest as a limited partner in the net cash flow, net profit and net loss, and items of income, gain, loss, deduction and credit of each of the Owned LP’s, its interest in all distributions made or to be made by any of the Owned LP’s to Pledgor and all of the other rights, titles and interests of Pledgor as a limited partner of each of the Owned LP’s, whether set forth in the partnership agreement of such Owned LP, by separate agreement or otherwise.
Partnership Interests means all partnership, equity or ownership and/or other interests now or hereafter owned by Borrower in the Partnerships, and including all of Borrower’s right, title and interest in and to: (a) any and all now existing and hereafter acquired membership, equity or ownership interest of Borrower in the Partnerships whether in capital, profits or otherwise; (b) any and all now existing and hereafter arising rights of Borrower to receive Distributions or payments from the Partnerships, whether in cash or in kind and whether such Distributions or payments are on account of Borrower’s interest as an owner of a partnership, equity or ownership interest in the Partnerships or as a creditor of the Partnerships or otherwise, and all other economic rights and interests of any nature of Borrower in the Partnerships; (c) any and all now existing and hereafter acquired management and voting rights of Borrower of, in, or with respect to the Partnerships, whether as an owner of a partnership, equity or ownership interest in the Partnerships or otherwise, and whether provided for under the Partnership Agreements and/or applicable law, and all other rights of and benefits to Borrower of any nature arising or accruing under the Partnership Agreements; (d) any and all now existing and hereafter acquired rights of Borrower to any specific property owned by the Partnerships; (e) if the Partnership Interests are evidenced in certificate form, the Partnership Interests shall include all such certificates, delivered to Lender accompanied by Powers duly executed in blank; and (f) all Proceeds of the foregoing Collateral.
Partnership Interests has the meaning assigned to it in Section 6(a)(iii) hereof.
Partnership Interests shall have the meaning therefor provided in the Pledge Agreement.
Partnership Interests means that ownership interest of a Partner, expressed as a percentage, in the Partnership's profits and losses, other items of income, gain, losses, deductions, expenses and credits, and distributions of net cash receipts at any particular time, including the right of such Partner to any and all benefits to which a Partner may be entitled as provided in this Agreement and under the Act, together with the obligation of such Partner to comply with all the terms and provisions of this Agreement and the Act. The Partnership Interest of each Partner is set forth on Exhibit A.
Partnership Interests means the entire partnership interest at any time owned by each Grantor in any Pledged Partnership Entity.