Invitations Sample Clauses

Invitations. The tournament approval form shall accompany all tournament invitations distributed by us.
Invitations. The Event Holder will provide a total of 2 operational passes to Tourism Western Australia to be used by its operational staff to access all relevant areas of the Event (other than the field of play or the competitors’ area) . The operational passes will be issued by Tourism WA to its nominated staff whose names will be or have been provided to the Event Holder. Tourism WA shall be provided with a reasonable number (up to 10) of tickets to the Event for the purposes of corporate hospitality. These are only to be released by the Event Holder to Tourism WA or the Department on the specific request of a Tourism WA representative. Invitations to attend key official functions of the Event (including the Event itself) must be sent to the following at least 45 days before the Event:
Invitations. Praxis will use good faith efforts to invite RogCon to each scheduled meeting between Praxis and Ionis under the Ionis Agreement (and forward any meeting invite received from Ionis on which a RogCon representative is not copied) at which strategic matters pertaining to the Research, Development or Commercialization of Product for the Field in the Major Markets (including associated regulatory matters) are being discussed or decided, reasonably in advance to facilitate RogCon’s participation. For clarity, RogCon will have (i) the right to have a single representative attend, and to the extent permitted by the Ionis Agreement, participate in any such meeting and (ii) no right to have any of its representatives attend any portion of a meeting not pertaining to Product.
Invitations. (a) During the term of this Digital Asset Trading Agreement, a Party or its Authorised Person (the “Invitor”), through an Agreed Communication Method, may invite the other Party to provide an offer to either purchase or sell Digital Assets from or to, as applicable, the Invitor, on a principal to principal basis, indicating the amount of Digital Assets to be traded, and the direction of trade as either buying or selling (an “Invitation”).
Invitations. The approvedApplication To Host” shall accompany all tournament or game invitations distributed.
Invitations. 12.1. Employees, officials and elected representatives of each Party will adhere to all relevant:
Invitations. (7) The Board shall ensure that, in relation to the grant of options on any day:
Invitations. A copy of the invitation and/or any announcement for the Event must be approved by Emory. The Client agrees to make all reasonable changes to the copy if any are requested by Emory. Under no circumstances can any Emory telephone number be printed on invitations or announcements.
Invitations. CampfireSocial users may offer invitations to attend events organized by users and connect with other users who are attendees at such events. You agree that (1) CampfireSocial is not responsible for the conduct of any of the attendees at such events, (2) CampfireSocial does not endorse any particular event and (3) CampfireSocial does not review nor vet any of these events.