Invitations Sample Clauses

Invitations. The tournament approval form shall accompany all tournament invitations distributed by us.
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Invitations. The Event Holder will provide a total of 2 operational passes to Tourism Western Australia to be used by its operational staff to access all relevant areas of the Event (other than the field of play or the competitors’ area) . The operational passes will be issued by Tourism WA to its nominated staff whose names will be or have been provided to the Event Holder. Tourism WA shall be provided with a reasonable number (up to 10) of tickets to the Event for the purposes of corporate hospitality. These are only to be released by the Event Holder to Tourism WA or the Department on the specific request of a Tourism WA representative. Invitations to attend key official functions of the Event (including the Event itself) must be sent to the following at least 45 days before the Event:
Invitations. Personal invitations to the inauguration of the exhibition must be sent to the President and Director of Mart, as well as persons indicated by the Registrar.
Invitations. To make national groups aware of the meetings, PPG sent e-mails to a list of organizations that EPA communicates with on a regular basis. EPA provided PPG a list of contacts.
Invitations i. The cost of purchasing any real property.
Invitations. In the event that AMS fails to provide invitation letters as set forth in Section3A 1.g.iii of the SOW and Exhibit D, AMS shall credit ISOC the amount set forth in the SLA Schedule. SLA 19: Coordination with Appropriate Parties. In the event that AMS fails to coordinate with appropriate parties on deploying network services as set forth in Section 3A 1.h.i of the SOW, AMS shall credit ISOC the amount set forth in the SLA Schedule. SLA 20: Call for Agendas. In the event that AMS fails to call for agenda requests or provide a means for posting agendas and presentations as set forth in Section 3A 1.h.ii of the SOW, AMS shall credit ISOC the amount set forth in the SLA Schedule. SLA 21: Planning with Area Directors, IETF Chair, IAB Chair and IRTF Chair. In the event that AMS fails to plan the meeting schedule as set forth in Section 3A 1.h.iii of the SOW, AMS shall credit ISOC the amount set forth in the SLA Schedule.
Invitations. Costs related to travel, participation in external seminars etc. for Norges Bank incurred by a contractor employee will as a main rule be covered by Norges Bank or by the contractor himself where this is agreed and appropriate. Contractor employees acting on behalf of Norges Bank may accept meal invitations from Norges Bank's business contacts only if the meal naturally forms part of a meeting or other type of event that is connected to an engagement for Norges Bank, or where the purpose is clearly not to obtain a contract with or special benefits from Norges Bank. If expenses are otherwise regulated in a clause in the contract between the contractor and Norges Bank, the contract clause takes precedence over the provision in this section.
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Invitations. Praxis will use good faith efforts to invite RogCon to each scheduled meeting between Praxis and Ionis under the Ionis Agreement (and forward any meeting invite received from Ionis on which a RogCon representative is not copied) at which strategic matters pertaining to the Research, Development or Commercialization of Product for the Field in the Major Markets (including associated regulatory matters) are being discussed or decided, reasonably in advance to facilitate RogCon’s participation. For clarity, RogCon will have (i) the right to have a single representative attend, and to the extent permitted by the Ionis Agreement, participate in any such meeting and (ii) no right to have any of its representatives attend any portion of a meeting not pertaining to Product.
Invitations. The race organiser has the option of inviting additional riders, especially top international riders.
Invitations. (a) During the term of this Digital Asset Trading Agreement, a Party or its Authorised Person (the “Invitor”), through an Agreed Communication Method, may invite the other Party to provide an offer to either purchase or sell Digital Assets from or to, as applicable, the Invitor, on a principal to principal basis, indicating the amount of Digital Assets to be traded, and the direction of trade as either buying or selling (an “Invitation”).
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