Offers Sample Clauses

Offers. The Company has suspended or terminated, and has the legal right to terminate or suspend, all negotiations and discussions of any acquisition, merger, consolidation or sale of all substantially all of the assets of Company with parties other than Parent.
Offers. 1. No Offer made by STAHL shall be binding with regard to price, contents, execution, delivery times, availability etc., unless stated otherwise by STAHL in writing. If a non-binding Offer is accepted by the Purchaser, STAHL may withdraw the Offer within two working days of receipt of the Purchaser’s acceptance of the Offer in writing.
Offers. If, at any time following the third anniversary of the date that the Property is acquired by a Subsidiary, (i) either Member desires to offer the Company Interest for sale on specified terms, or (ii) receives from an unaffiliated purchaser a bona fide written cash offer (i.e., not seller financed) for the purchase of such Company Interest on terms that such Member desires for the Company to accept (such specified terms or bona fide offer being herein called the “Offer”), then the Member desiring to make or accept the Offer (the “Initiating Member”) shall provide written notice of the terms of such Offer (the “Sale Notice”) to the other Member (the “Non-Initiating Member”).
Offers. 3.1 For the avoidance of doubt, all offers and other statements issued by Agile Cockpit shall be subject to these Terms and Conditions, except where specified otherwise in writing by Agile Cockpit. No party shall have any obligation to enter into an Agreement with the other and each party is entitled to refuse to enter into an Agreement without being obliged to specify the reasons for such refusal.
Offers. Neither party will offer its Assets or Cable Business for sale, entertain offers for such Assets or Cable Business or otherwise negotiate for the sale of such Assets or Cable Business or make information about such Assets or Cable Business available to any third party in connection with the possible sale of such Assets or Cable Business prior to the Closing Date or the date this Agreement is terminated in accordance with its terms.
Offers. Extra days offered shall be scheduled consecutively insofar as is feasible unless the faculty member and the college president agree to a non-consecutive schedule. Notification of extra days employment during the summer shall be given no later than May 1.
Offers. 26.1 RBL Bank, from time to time, may communicate offers of various Merchant Establishments to its Cardmembers either at time of acquisition or after the Card has been boarded. These may be communicated to the customer through vouchers that could be co-branded or could be only of the Merchant Establishment.