Helpdesk Sample Clauses

Helpdesk. Customers must contact LightEdge Support to report service trouble or an outage with LightEdge Technical Support. LightEdge Technical Support will be available seven (7) days per week; twenty-four (24) hours per day; three hundred sixty-five days (365) days per year. LightEdge Technical Support provides support for network monitoring, trouble ticket resolution, and fault isolation up to the termination point of LightEdge provided Equipment. LightEdge Technical Support will accept trouble and outage related support calls from any customer representative. LightEdge will not perform any requested activity which may cause Service disruption or perform any changes to Service unless request is initiated by an Authorized Contact. LightEdge reserves the right to delay response on support tickets opened by anyone other than the Authorized Contact. Communication between Customer and LightEdge not initiated by Authorized Contact will not be subject to SLA remedies. All communications with Customer will be in the English language.
Helpdesk. The Helpdesk will answer queries submitted via email within 1 business day. Helpdesk support is available for questions regarding user registration and online submission of applications; Helpdesk staff cannot answer questions regarding scientific and product development aspects of applications. Before contacting the Helpdesk, please refer to the Instructions for Applicants document, which provides a step-by-step guide on using CARS. For “Frequently AskedTechnical Questions,” please go here. Hours of operation: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM central timeTel: 866-941-7146 (toll free in the United States only - international applicants should use the email address below)Email:
Helpdesk v. A telephone helpdesk will be provided to users of the Service between the hours of 9:30 am to 12:00 and 14:00 to 17:00, British Local Time, Monday to Friday, excluding all public holidays.
Helpdesk. AU’s Helpdesk attendants will help students solve most problems relating to their computing resources. Students may contact AU’s Helpdesk by submitting the online form, or by phone: 1.800.788.9041, extension 6405 (toll free from anywhere in Canada or the United States) or direct at 1.780.675.6405.Home labs. Home labs are compulsory components of some of AU's science courses. Home labs are learning activities, such as demonstrations, observations, simulations, and experiments, which students do in or near their own homes rather than in a university laboratory.These labs usually require a lab kit that students order online from the relevant course syllabus. Some home lab activities require some materials that most students have in their homes or materials can be purchased locally without great cost. The kitsmay contain materials that are hazardous in some way (especially for young children and pets) and as such, they must be handled and stored appropriately.Students who are in correctional institutions may have some difficulty taking certain courses with home labs (e.g., some kits contain sharp objects that may not be allowed). Also, be aware that certain home lab kits cannot cross international borders (e.g., some contain seeds that may not be allowed in, others contain electronic equipment that required duty payments). Therefore, before registering, it is recommended that students contact the lab coordinator regarding the availability of home lab kits in each particular situation. Check the course syllabus for details.Humanities (area of study). An area of university studies that includes courses in Art History, Classics, Communication Studies, English, French, Global Studies, Heritage Resources Management, History, Humanities, Indigenous Studies, Information Systems, Legal Studies, Music, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spanish, and Women’s and Gender Studies.
Helpdesk. Candidate may contact over Phone 03192-231164 to resolve/resort any problem in registration of online application and downloading the Admit card in the website. In case of any technical glitches during registration, contact 03192-259200 SOVTECH from 09.00 am to 05.00 pm in all working days.
Helpdesk. 3.1 Inter8 offers Support by way of the Helpdesk. The Agreement describes which Support is included in the purchased service and if so, how much Support per month (in minutes or hours) is included; if not specified, Support is provided and charged on a time/material basis.
Helpdesk. 2.1. The Helpdesk provides a single point of contact for the Partner and is available for the purpose of reporting incidents and the handling of enquiries from the Partner Administrators or other personnel as expressly authorised by the Partner and notified to C2M. All support and assistance is provided in English only.
Helpdesk. The Partner shall be responsible for providing 1st line support to Customers. The Reseller Administrators will have access to the online C2M Helpdesk ticketing service to co- ordinate the support resources and manage the helpdesk cover on a day to day basis, providing telephone assistance if required. This also provides remote assistance and escalation to engineers for urgent problem resolution. C2M does not offer direct support to Customers. Customer support issues must be channelled through the C2M helpdesk via the Reseller Administrators and in accordance with this SLA. The Helpdesk is open from 8.30am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays in the UK. Details on assigning priorities and escalating support issues are set out below in the SLA. Fees will be charged pursuant to the Price List for callouts, local environment remedies and other items out of scope or not within C2M’s infrastructure. Helpdesk assistance to the Partner’s local environment will be provided remotely only if requested and agreed in writing.