Guest Sample Clauses

Guest any Registered User who has been invited by a Subscriber to participate in a study. It is possible that the same natural or legal person fits into several of the definitions previously provided. Thus, an Internet user who has created a study through the Platform will be a Subscriber, due to having created a study, but they will also be a Registered User, as that is necessary in order to be a Subscriber and, also, a User, by the mere fact of accessing the Platform.
Guest. Any person who is on the premises or the site with the Resident or household member’s consent, or a person under the Resident’s control who comes onto any site.
Guest. Guests are any individual/s not assigned to a housing unit which they are visiting. Guests must be with a Licensee assigned to the housing unit being visited at all times when they are on the Property. Licensee is a guest when visiting another Licensee in a housing unit to which Licensee is not assigned. Licensee will still be held to the License Agreement wherever Licensee are on the Property.
Guest. The party or parties to whom we render the Services described below pursuant to a contract concluded with the Contracting Party. References in these terms and conditions to the “Guest” will also be interpreted to refer to the party or parties who accompany the Guest;
Guest. If you attend any Match using a Ticket of a Named Ticket Member in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, then you are referred to in this Agreement as a "Guest". By entering the Stadium or otherwise using any Ticket or exercising any rights under this Agreement, each Guest should ensure that they have read and understood the terms of this Agreement and must comply with this Agreement.
Guest. Any non-relative who stays overnight in your home, without payment, and with your permission; (iii) Visitor: Someone who visits with you, in person, in the daytime, and who does not spend the night.
Guest. Any person, whether natural or juridical, who is authorized by the Customer to make use of the services of the Supplier.
Guest. The Guest shall be liable to the Hotel for all damages and losses caused by him or herself, by companions or his/her agents/auxiliaries or participants in his or her event, without the Hotel being obliged to prove that the Guest was at fault. The Guest shall be responsible for the correct usage and return of all technical aids/equipment made available by the Hotel or procured on the latter's behalf through third parties, and shall be liable for damage or loss. The Guest shall be liable for services rendered and expenditure incurred by the Hotel to third parties in this respect.
Guest. 2.1. The Guest/s that will occupy the premises are only those set out in the Confirmation of Reservation and shall not allow any other person/s to occupy the premises unless with the prior written consent of the Villa Owner. A fine equal to the per person cost per night (as per Confirmation of Reservation) will be charged should this prohibition be breached.
Guest. Resident shall be responsible and liable for the conduct of his/her guest. Act of guest in violation of the agreement or Management’s rules and regulation may be deemed by Management to be a breach by Resident. No guest may stay longer than 10 days without permission of Management: otherwise a $10 per day guest charge will be due Management