Guest Sample Clauses

Guest. Guests are any individual/s not assigned to a housing unit which they are visiting. Guests must be with a Licensee assigned to the housing unit being visited at all times when they are on the Property. Licensee is a guest when visiting another Licensee in a housing unit to which Licensee is not assigned. Licensee will still be held to the License Agreement wherever Licensee are on the Property.
Guest. Any person who is on the premises or the site with the Resident or household member’s consent, or a person under the Resident’s control who comes onto any site.
Guest. The party or parties to whom we render the Services described below pursuant to a contract concluded with the Contracting Party. References in these terms and conditions to the “Guest” will also be interpreted to refer to the party or parties who accompany the Guest;
Guest. Any non-relative who stays overnight in your home, without payment, and with your permission; (iii) Visitor: Someone who visits with you, in person, in the daytime, and who does not spend the night.
Guest. Resident shall be responsible and liable for the conduct of his guests. Acts of guests in violation of this agreement or Management’s rules or regulations may be deemed by landlord / agent to be a breach by Resident. No guest may stay longer than 10 days without permission of landlord / agent; otherwise a $20 per day guest charge will be due to Management.
Guest. Any consumer, customer or individual who shops within a Store where a Pharmacy is located, which shall not be limited to an individual who receives services at a Pharmacy.
Guest. 2.1 Use of the Facilities by Guests shall be permitted only as prescribed by the Company. The present rules governing use of the Facilities by Guests are as follows:
Guest. Guest means any person who satisfies the requirements at paragraph 4.
Guest the natural person(s) and/or legal entity (entities) who/which will actually use the services at the location agreed on the basis of the catering agreement(s).