OF SUBSCRIBER Sample Clauses

OF SUBSCRIBER. Subscriber hereby represents and warrants to the Company and to each officer, director and agent of the Company as follows:
OF SUBSCRIBER. The Subscriber has executed this Subscription Agreement as of the date indicated below. Individual Subscriber: Name of Subscriber: _____________________________________________ Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________________________________ If Joint Ownership, Both Owners Must Sign: Name of Subscriber: ____________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________________________ Date: ________________________________________________________ Entity Subscriber: Name of Subscriber: ___________________________________________ Signature of authorized party: ___________________________________ Print Name: _________________________________________________ Title:_______________________________________________________ Date: ______________________________________________________


  • Acknowledgements of Subscriber 5.1 The Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that:

  • Subscriber Any Person, firm, corporation or other entity, who or which contracts with the Licensee and lawfully receives, for any purpose, a Cable Service provided or distributed by the Licensee by means of, or in connection with, Cable Television System.

  • Independent Nature of Subscribers The Company acknowledges that the obligations of each Subscriber under the Transaction Documents are several and not joint with the obligations of any other Subscriber, and no Subscriber shall be responsible in any way for the performance of the obligations of any other Subscriber under the Transaction Documents. The Company acknowledges that each Subscriber has represented that the decision of each Subscriber to purchase Securities has been made by such Subscriber independently of any other Subscriber and independently of any information, materials, statements or opinions as to the business, affairs, operations, assets, properties, liabilities, results of operations, condition (financial or otherwise) or prospects of the Company which may have been made or given by any other Subscriber or by any agent or employee of any other Subscriber, and no Subscriber or any of its agents or employees shall have any liability to any Subscriber (or any other person) relating to or arising from any such information, materials, statements or opinions. The Company acknowledges that nothing contained in any Transaction Document, and no action taken by any Subscriber pursuant hereto or thereto (including, but not limited to, the (i) inclusion of a Subscriber in the Registration Statement and (ii) review by, and consent to, such Registration Statement by a Subscriber) shall be deemed to constitute the Subscribers as a partnership, an association, a joint venture or any other kind of entity, or create a presumption that the Subscribers are in any way acting in concert or as a group with respect to such obligations or the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Documents. The Company acknowledges that each Subscriber shall be entitled to independently protect and enforce its rights, including without limitation, the rights arising out of the Transaction Documents, and it shall not be necessary for any other Subscriber to be joined as an additional party in any proceeding for such purpose. The Company acknowledges that it has elected to provide all Subscribers with the same terms and Transaction Documents for the convenience of the Company and not because Company was required or requested to do so by the Subscribers. The Company acknowledges that such procedure with respect to the Transaction Documents in no way creates a presumption that the Subscribers are in any way acting in concert or as a group with respect to the Transaction Documents or the transactions contemplated thereby.

  • Representations of Subscriber By executing this Agreement, the Subscriber makes the following representations, declarations and warranties to the Company, with the intent and understanding that the Company will rely thereon:

  • TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION 3.1 Subject to Section 3.2 hereof, the subscription period will begin as of the date of the Offering Circular and will terminate at 11:59 PM Eastern Time, on the earlier of the date on which the Maximum Offering is sold or one (1) year from the commencement date or the date the Offering is terminated by the Issuer (the “Termination Date”).

  • Acceptance of Subscriptions 4.1 Following Agent’s first receipt of Subscriptions, on each business day, or more frequently if reasonably requested as to major tally figures, forward a report by email to [________________] (the “Company Representative”) as to the following information, based upon a preliminary review (and at all times subject to a final determination by Company) as of the close of business on the preceding business day or the most recent practicable time prior to such request, as the case may be: (i) the total number of shares of the Additional Common Stock Subscribed for; (ii) the total number of the Rights sold; (iii) the total number of the Rights partially Subscribed for; (iv) the amount of funds received; and (v) the cumulative totals in categories (i) through (iv), above.

  • Acceptance of Subscription (a) It is understood that this subscription is not binding upon the Company until accepted by the Company, and that the Company has the right to accept or reject this subscription, in whole or in part, in its sole and complete discretion. If this subscription is rejected in whole, the Company shall return to Buyer, without interest, the Payment tendered by Buyer, in which case the Company and Buyer shall have no further obligation to each other hereunder. In the event of a partial rejection of this subscription, Buyer’s Payment will be returned to Buyer, without interest, whereupon Buyer agrees to deliver a new payment in the amount of the purchase price for the number of Shares to be purchased hereunder following a partial rejection of this subscription.

  • Mobile Subscriber Information You authorize your wireless carrier to disclose information about your account, such as subscriber status, payment method and device details, if available, to support identity verification, fraud avoidance and other uses in support of transactions for the duration of your business relationship with us. This information may also be shared with other companies to support your transactions with us and for identity verification and fraud avoidance purposes.

  • Representations and Warranties of Subscriber By executing this Subscription Agreement, Subscriber (and, if Subscriber is purchasing the Securities subscribed for hereby in a fiduciary capacity, the person or persons for whom Subscriber is so purchasing) represents and warrants, which representations and warranties are true and complete in all material respects as of such Subscriber’s respective Closing Date(s):

  • Information on Subscriber The Subscriber is, and will be at the time of the conversion of the Notes and exercise of the Warrants, an "accredited investor", as such term is defined in Regulation D promulgated by the Commission under the 1933 Act, is experienced in investments and business matters, has made investments of a speculative nature and has purchased securities of United States publicly-owned companies in private placements in the past and, with its representatives, has such knowledge and experience in financial, tax and other business matters as to enable the Subscriber to utilize the information made available by the Company to evaluate the merits and risks of and to make an informed investment decision with respect to the proposed purchase, which represents a speculative investment. The Subscriber has the authority and is duly and legally qualified to purchase and own the Securities. The Subscriber is able to bear the risk of such investment for an indefinite period and to afford a complete loss thereof. The information set forth on the signature page hereto regarding the Subscriber is accurate.