United States Mail Sample Clauses

United States Mail. Five days after the date the notice is deposited in the United States mail, addressed to a Party’s Project Representative with first- class postage fully prepaid;
United States Mail. When mailed, the appeal must arrive in an envelope with a U.S. Postal Service Postmark. The U.S. Postal Service Postmark will be used to determine the date of receipt for mailed appeals.
United States Mail. When mailed, the appeal must arrive in an envelope with a U.S.
United States Mail. When mailed, the initial filing and subsequent appeals must arrive in an envelope with a U.S. Postal Service Postmark. The U.S. Postal Service Postmark will be used to determine the date of the initial filing and subsequent appeals.

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  • United States If you acquired the software in the United States, Washington state law governs the interpretation of this agreement and applies to claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles. The laws of the state where you live govern all other claims, including claims under state consumer protection laws, unfair competition laws, and in tort.

  • UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Notifications

  • states Each additional state registration requested will be subject to the following fees per fund: Initial registration ............... $295.00 Registration renewal ........... $150.00 Sales reports (if required) ... $ 25.00 All special reports and/or analyses requested by the Fund shall be subject to an additional charge, agreed upon in advance, based upon the following rates: GFS Senior Staff…..$150.00 per hour GFS Junior Staff…...$ 75.00 per hour MIS Staff …………$200.00 per hour

  • Outside the United States If you acquired the software in any other country, the laws of that country apply.

  • E-mail The Credit Union may not immediately receive E-mail communications that you send and the Credit Union will not take action based on E-mail requests until the Credit Union actually receives your message and has a reasonable opportunity to act. If you need to contact the Credit Union immediately regarding an unauthorized transaction or stop payment request, you may call the Credit Union at (000) 000-0000 or (000) 000-0000.

  • Postal Service You also agree that if you attempt to change your address to a non-U.S. address, your Card Account may be cancelled and funds returned to you in accordance with this Agreement.

  • Certified Mail When mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested, notice is effective upon receipt, if delivery is confirmed by a return receipt.

  • Federal Government To the extent that any invention claimed in the Patent Rights has been partially funded by the federal government, this Agreement and the grant of any rights in such Patent Rights are subject to and governed by federal law as set forth in 35 U.S.C. §§ 201-211, and the regulations promulgated thereunder, as amended, or any successor statutes or regulations. Company acknowledges that these statutes and regulations reserve to the federal government a royalty-free, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to practice any government-funded invention claimed in any Patent Rights. If any term of this Agreement fails to conform with such laws and regulations, the relevant term shall be deemed an invalid provision and modified in accordance with Section 10.11. Upon execution of this Agreement, the Medical School shall disclose in writing to Company any funding that would be subject to this Section 2.3(b).

  • xxx/OpenGovernment/LobbingAtOrangeCounty aspx A lobbying blackout period shall commence upon issuance of the solicitation until the Board selects the Contractor. For procurements that do not require Board approval, the blackout period commences upon solicitation issuance and concludes upon contract award. The County may void any contract where the County Mayor, one or more County Commissioners, or a County staff person has been lobbied in violation of the black-out period restrictions of Ordinance No. 2002-15. • Orange County Protest Procedures xxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/VendorServices/XxxxxxXxxxxxxXxxxxxxxxx.xx px Failure to file a protest with the Manager, Procurement Division by 5:00 PM on the fifth full business day after posting, shall constitute a waiver of bid protest proceedings.