Percent definition

Percent or "percentage" means the percentage by weight.
Percent or "percentage" means percentage by weight.
Percent or "percentage" means by weight.

Examples of Percent in a sentence

  • Percent of class is based on 26,093,016 shares of Common Stock outstanding as of October 31, 2012 as set forth in the Issuer’s most recent 10- Q filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 17, 2012.

  • Liquidity Growth Augmented Liquidity Growth 2/ XR Annual Percent Change (end of period) Quasi Money Foreign Currency 3/(%)10/ The ratio of foreign currency government and non-government deposits to total deposits with the banking system.

  • Lena Rao, Twitter Seeing 90 Million Tweets Per Day, 25 Percent Contain Links, TECH CRUNCH (Sept.14, 2010),

  • The amount of Earnest money is 2% (Two Percent) of the estimated amount put to tender is to bedeposited by the bidder inthe way asdescribedin Memorandum No.‐3975‐F(Y), dt.‐28/07/2016of FinanceDepartment, Audit Branch, Government of West Bengal.

  • For example, a school with 20 full-time teachers and 5 half-time teachers would have an FTE count of 22.5.Entry 11 Uncertified TeachersSchool Name: Instructions for Reporting Percent of Uncertified TeachersRequired of Regents, NYCDOE, and Buffalo BOE Authorized Charter Schools The table below reflects the information collected through the online portal for compliance with New York State Education Law 2854(3)(a-1) for teaching staff qualifications.

More Definitions of Percent

Percent or “percentages” means percentages by weight.
Percent or "percentage" means the portion of each hundred units of weight;
Percent or "percentage" means percentage by weights.
Percent or "percentage" means a rate determined by weight.
Percent. "Percentage" or "%" shall mean percent or percentage by value.
Percent used without qualification means:
Percent or ‘percentage’ means by weight.