Percent definition

Percent or "percentage" means the percentage by weight.
Percent or “percentage” means percentage by weight.
Percent or "percentage" means by weight.

Examples of Percent in a sentence

  • Percent responding are active duty members with child(ren) with special needs who answered the question.

  • For electronic submittals, show the percentage in the miscellaneous data folder, Item 3, DBE Percent.

  • Uncertain Percent RespondingPercentagesMax MEPercentage Reporting YesNote.

  • At the end of that time period, a Percent Electronic LSR calculation will be made for that quarter based on the LSR data tracked in the LCSC.

  • Ownership of More than Five Percent on Behalf of Another Person The Managed Portfolios, set forth in Item 4 above, have the right to receive all dividends from, and the proceeds from the sale of, the securities held in their respective accounts.

More Definitions of Percent

Percent or “percentages” means percentages by weight.
Percent or "percentage" means percentage by weights.
Percent or "percentage" means the portion of each hundred units of weight;
Percent. "Percentage" or "%" shall mean percent or percentage by value.
Percent or "percentage" means a rate determined by weight.
Percent used without qualification means:
Percent or "percentage" means the parts per hundred by weight.