Gross Sales definition

Gross Sales means the sum total of all retail sales of tangible personal property or services as
Gross Sales means the total amount of all revenues (whether in cash or credit) generated or derived from the conduct of any business at the Leased Premises, including (without limitation) all box office receipts of or at the Leased Premises (including receipts from tickets or gift certificates redeemed at the Leased Premises regardless of the point of sale), as well as any and all receipts from the sale of goods, services, merchandise, beverages, food, vending machines and video games at the Leased Premises; provided, however, that the following shall be excluded from “Gross Sales” (i) credits and refunds made with respect to admissions or other sales otherwise included in Gross Sales, (ii) all federal, state, county and city admission taxes, sales and use taxes, entertainment taxes, royalty taxes, gross receipt taxes and other similar taxes now or hereafter imposed and owing to the taxing authority by Tenant (whether such taxes are collected from customers separately from the selling price of admission tickets or absorbed by Tenant); (iii) receipts from the sale of gift certificates or tickets sold but not redeemed at the Leased Premises; (iv) with respect to any tickets or admissions ordered or paid for over the internet and redeemed at the Leased Premises, the portion (if any) of the sale price that exceeds Tenant’s actual box-office ticket price; (v) sales price for merchandise returned, (vi) amounts retained by credit card issuers, (vii) sales outside of the ordinary course of business, (viii) amount of credit card sales deemed uncollectible, (ix) advertising revenues including without limitation media, sponsorship, and promotional advertising of any kind, and (x) the receipts of or from so-called “four-wall deals” with a party that is not affiliated with Tenant, except that the portion thereof or other amounts paid to Tenant in connection with such “four-wall deals” shall be included in “Gross Sales” under this Lease. Commissions or surcharges paid to agencies or other third parties not affiliated with Tenant for selling tickets or processing credit card transactions, and any sums paid to third parties not affiliated with Tenant for the use or rental of vending machines, pay telephones, amusement machines and other similar devices shall be deducted from “Gross Sales” (if and to the extent previously included in “Gross Sales”).
Gross Sales means the sum total of all retail sales of tangible personal property or services as defined in this chapter, without any deduction, except as provided in this chapter. "Gross sales" shall not include the federal retailers' excise tax or the federal diesel fuel excise tax imposed in § 4091 of the Internal Revenue Code if the excise tax is billed to the purchaser separately from the selling price of the article, or the Virginia retail sales or use tax, or any sales or use tax imposed by any county or city under § 58.1-605 or 58.1-606.

Examples of Gross Sales in a sentence

  • Gross Sales is inclusive of Excise Duty & exclusive of Sales Tax / VAT.(c) Short-term employee benefits (benefits which are payable before the end of twelve months after the end of the period in which the employees render service) are measured at cost.

  • Gross Sales is inclusive of Excise Duty & exclusive of Sales Tax / VAT .

More Definitions of Gross Sales

Gross Sales means the total amount received in money, credit, property or other consideration valued in money for all sales, leases, or rentals of tangible personal property or services.
Gross Sales means the gross proceeds from all sales of Merchandise, including (i) the entire sales price of all Merchandise sold, (ii) the amount of all credit sales, whether or not collected, (iii) the amount of all deposits not refunded to customers, and (iv) any sales, excise or similar tax chargeable with respect to sales of Merchandise and collected from customers.
Gross Sales means the gross sales, excluding sales tax, arising from all business conducted at all of the Properties by Lessee during the period of determination, as shown on Lessee's Store Income Statements.
Gross Sales the gross revenues derived by the Proposer, either Participant or any Affiliate of either Participant from the sale, leasing or other marketing or commercial exploitation, including service or maintenance contracts, of the Product (other than the Outright Sale to a third party or the licensing of the Product to a third party, as described in Sections B.5.3. and B.6.) or of Commercial Products incorporating or embodying any part of the Product whose development, manufacture, sale or use requires the exploitation of any part of the Product. This term shall include all specific export incentives or bonuses paid to the Proposer on account of sales of the Product for export, but shall not include sums paid for commissions, brokerage, value added and sales taxes on the sale of the Product, or transportation and associated insurance costs, if any of those sums have been included in the gross sale price “Index” – the U.S. Consumer Price Index, CPI-U
Gross Sales means the gross amount invoiced by either Party or its Affiliates or permitted Sublicensees for sales of a product. However, Gross Sales shall not include amounts received by such Party (or any of its Affiliates) from transactions with an Affiliate or Sublicensee, where the product in question will be resold by such Affiliate or Sublicensee to an independent Third Party distributor, agent or end user and such amounts received by the Affiliate or Sublicensee from such resale is included in Gross Sales.
Gross Sales means the estimated total sales of an ACP product in the Northern Virginia volatile organic compound emissions control area during a specific compliance period (expressed to the nearest pound), based on either of the following methods, whichever the responsible ACP party demonstrates to the satisfaction of the board will provide an accurate sales estimate:
Gross Sales means total value (USD) of Product(s) FOB manufactured based on the Licensed Patent Rights.