Main Entrance Lobby Sample Clauses

Main Entrance Lobby. 1. Dust sweep flooring with specially treated cloths to insure dust-free floors.
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Main Entrance Lobby. 1. Dust all lobby walls.
Main Entrance Lobby. 2.9.1 The lobby is designed at a high standard in accordance with the architect’s design plan.
Main Entrance Lobby. With respect to the main entrance lobby, Landlord shall install new wallcovering and furnishings (including replacement of all furniture located therein). Landlord shall coordinate the Renovations to the main entrance lobby with the Tenant Improvements to the portions of the Leased Premises located on the first (1st) floor of the Building. Landlord has budgeted the sum of $25,000.00 for the completion of the Renovations to the main entrance lobby.
Main Entrance Lobby a. Floors are polished or honed marble or granite in a distinctive pattern; Walls are polished marble or granite, or wood veneer panels, or other decorative material, appropriate to a first class office building.
Main Entrance Lobby. All hard surface floors shall be thoroughly cleaned and non-slip floor finish applied as necessary. (Spray buff floor, using a commercial floor polishing machines, synthetic fiber pad and an approved acrylic polymer finish as required to maintain gloss.) All entrance door glass shall be cleaned. Area mats shall be removed and thoroughly cleaned and returned to their original location. Carpet areas shall be vacuumed daily and spot cleaned as necessary.
Main Entrance Lobby. 2.10.1 The lobby will be designed by the architect.
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  • Restrooms The restrooms, toilets, urinals, vanities and the other apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be thrown therein. The expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this rule shall be borne by the Tenant whom, or whose employees or invitees, shall have caused it.

  • Directory The bulletin board or directory of the Building will be provided exclusively for the display of the name and location of tenants and Landlord reserves the right to exclude any other names therefrom.

  • WINDOW CLEANING Tenant shall not clean, nor require, permit, suffer or allow any window in the Premises to be cleaned from the outside in violation of Section 202 of the Labor Law, or any other Requirement, or of the rules of the Board of Standards and Appeals, or of any other board or body having or asserting jurisdiction.

  • Walls Sheetrock (drywall) damage should be patched and fire-taped so that there are no holes in either office or warehouse.

  • Elevator Landlord shall provide passenger elevator facilities on business days from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and shall have one elevator in the bank of elevators servicing the Premises available at all other times.

  • Cockpit (a) Fairing panels shall be free of stains and cracks, will be clean secure and repainted as necessary;

  • HEATING, VENTILATING AND AIR CONDITIONING The Tenant will operate and regulate those portions of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment within and serving the Leased Premises so as to maintain such reasonable conditions of temperature and humidity within the Leased Premises as are determined by the Landlord and its Architect and engineers so that no direct or indirect appropriation of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning from the other portions of the Building occurs. The Tenant shall comply with such stipulations and with all Rules and Regulations of the Landlord pertaining to the operation and regulation of such equipment. The Tenant shall immediately notify the Landlord in the event that any repairs are required to the heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment serving the Leased Premises and shall reimburse the Landlord as part of its Proportionate Share of Operating Costs for the cost of any maintenance, repairs or replacements made by the Landlord in respect of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment serving the Leased Premises. The Landlord acknowledges that the Tenant shall not be responsible for the cost of capital repairs and capital replacements in respect of the heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment serving the Leased Premises provided that such capital repairs and capital replacements are not necessitated by the Tenant's incorrect or negligent use of equipment. The Tenant shall not under any circumstances go onto the roof of the Building or make any maintenance repairs or replacements to the heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in the Building without the prior written consent of the Landlord. If the Tenant fails to comply with such stipulations and Rules and Regulations, the Landlord shall be entitled to take such steps as it deems advisable to correct such defaults (including, without limitation, entering upon the Leased Premises and assuming control of such equipment) without liability to the Tenant, and the Tenant will pay to the Landlord forthwith upon demand as Additional Rent all costs and expenses incurred by the Landlord in so doing. The Landlord represents and warrants to the Tenant that the heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment serving the Leased Premises and required to be installed by the Landlord pursuant to Schedule "C" is and will be at the Commencement Date in good working order and condition.

  • Monument Signage Tenant shall have the right to have its logo listed on the monument sign for the Building (the “Monument Sign”), subject to the terms of this Section 23. The design, size and color of Tenant’s signage with Tenant’s logo to be included on the Monument Sign, and the manner in which it is attached to the Monument Sign, shall comply with all Applicable Laws and shall be subject to the reasonable approval of Landlord and any applicable governmental authorities. Landlord reserves the right to withhold consent to any signage that, in the reasonable judgment of Landlord, is not harmonious with the design standards of the Building and Monument Sign. Landlord shall have the right to require that all names or logos on the Monument Sign be of the same size and style. Tenant must obtain Landlord’s written consent to any proposed signage and lettering or logo design prior to its fabrication and installation. The location of Tenant’s logo on the Monument Sign shall be subject to Landlord’s reasonable approval. To obtain Landlord’s consent, Tenant shall submit design drawings to Landlord showing the type and sizes of all lettering; the colors, finishes and types of materials used; and (if applicable and Landlord consents in its reasonable discretion) any provisions for illumination. Although the Monument Sign will be maintained by Landlord, Tenant shall pay its proportionate share of the cost of any maintenance and repair associated with the Monument Sign. Tenant’s signage on the Monument Sign shall be designed, constructed, installed, insured, maintained, repaired and removed from the Monument Sign all at Tenant’s sole risk, cost and expense. Landlord shall be responsible for the maintenance, repair or replacement of Tenant’s signage on the Monument Sign, the cost of which shall be included in Operating Expenses. Landlord may, at any time during the Term (or any extension thereof), upon five (5) business days prior written notice to Tenant, relocate the position of Tenant’s signage on the Monument Sign (provided that if Tenant is the sole tenant on the monument sign, Landlord shall make no such relocation without Tenant’s prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld) without materially impairing its visibility. The cost of such relocation shall be at the cost and expense of Landlord. The rights provided in this Section 23 shall be non-transferable unless otherwise agreed by Landlord in writing in its sole discretion.

  • Floor Loading Floor loading capacity shall be within building design capacity. Tenant may exceed floor loading capacity with Landlord’s consent, at Landlord’s sole discretion and must, at Tenant’s sole cost and expense, reinforce the floor as required for such excess loading.

  • Building Directory A directory for the Building will be provided for the display of the name and location of tenants. Landlord reserves the right to approve any additional names Tenant desires to place in the directory and, if so approved, Landlord may assess a reasonable charge for adding such additional names.

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