Condition Sample Clauses

Condition. Lessor shall deliver the Premises to Lessee clean and free of debris on the Commencement Date and warrants to Lessee that the existing plumbing, electrical systems, fire sprinkler system, lighting, air conditioning and heating systems and loading doors, if any, in the Premises, other than those constructed by Lessee, shall be in good operating condition on the Commencement Date. If a non-compliance with said warranty exists as of the Commencement Date, Lessor shall, except as otherwise provided in this Lease, promptly after receipt of written notice from Lessee setting forth with specificity the nature and extent of such non-compliance, rectify same at Lessor's expense. If Lessee does not give Lessor written notice of a non-compliance with this warranty within thirty (30) days after the Commencement Date, correction of that non-compliance shall be the obligation of Lessee at Lessee's sole cost and expense.
Condition. The Tenant stipulates that The Property has been examined and that the Property is in good repair and is tenantable.
Condition. The Tenant has inspected the property, the fixtures, the grounds, building, and improvements and acknowledges that the Property is in good and acceptable condition and are habitable. If at any time during the term of this Agreement, in Tenant’s opinion, the conditions change, Tenant shall promptly provide reasonable notice to Landlord.
Condition. Sublessee stipulates, represents, and warrants that Sublessee has examined the Property and that they are at the time of this Sublease in good order, repair, and in a safe, clean, and habitable condition.
Condition. All property and assets owned or utilized by Company are in good operating condition and repair, free from any defects (except such minor defects as do not interfere with the use thereof in the conduct of the normal operations of Company), have been maintained consistent with the standards generally followed in the industry and are sufficient to carry on the business of Company as conducted during the preceding 12 months. All buildings, plants and other structures owned or otherwise utilized by Company are in good condition and repair and have no structural defects or defects affecting the plumbing, electrical, sewerage, or heating, ventilating or air conditioning systems.
Condition. The Vessel is (i) adequate and suitable for use by the Vessel Owning Subsidiary in the manner that is standard and customary for a vessel of its type, ordinary wear and tear excepted; (ii) seaworthy in all material respects for hull and machinery insurance warranty purposes and in good running order and repair; (iii) insured against all risks, and in amounts, consistent with common industry practices; (iv) in compliance with maritime laws and regulations; and (v) in compliance in all material respects with the requirements of its class and classification society; and all class certificates of the Vessel are clean and valid and free of recommendations affecting class; and the Buyer acknowledges and agrees that, subject only to the representations and warranties in this Agreement, it is acquiring the Vessel on an “as is, where is” basis.
Condition. The reinsurance hereunder is subject to the same --------- limitations and conditions as the annuities issued by the Ceding Company which are reinsured hereunder, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.
Condition. Tenant has inspected the Premises and agrees (i) to accept possession of the Premises in the “as is” condition existing on the Commencement Date, (except with respect to the 1270 Space, which shall be in the “as is” condition existing on the date possession of such space is delivered to Tenant in accordance with the terms of this Lease), (ii) that neither Landlord nor Landlord’s agents have made any representations or warranties with respect to the Premises or the Buildings except as expressly set forth herein, and (iii) Landlord has no obligation to perform any work, supply any materials, incur any expense or make any alterations or improvements to the Premises to prepare the Premises for Tenant’s occupancy, except that Landlord shall, at Tenant’s expense, and subject to the other terms of this Lease, cooperate with Tenant in connection with Tenant’s bringing any required utilities to the Ancillary Space that are not currently available to such Ancillary Space. Tenant’s continued occupancy of the Music Hall and Retail Space #1, and Tenant’s taking possession of any part of the 1270 Space or the 50 Rock Space shall be conclusive evidence, as against Tenant, that (A) Tenant has accepted possession of the Premises in their then current condition and (B) the Premises are in a good and satisfactory condition as required by this Lease. With respect to Retail Space #1, Tenant acknowledges that it will be required to replace the HVAC system serving such space from and after the Execution Date because the equipment currently serving such space and located in the 1270 Space shall be disconnected and no longer in service. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to relieve Landlord of its obligations during the Term under Article 7 hereof.
Condition. Lessor shall deliver the Premises to Lessee in a clean condition on the Commencement Date or the Early Possession Date, whichever first occurs (“Start Date”), and warrants that the existing electrical, plumbing, fire sprinkler, lighting, heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems (“HVAC”), and all other items which the Lessor is obligated to construct pursuant to the Work Letter attached hereto, if any, other than those constructed by Lessee, shall be in good operating condition on said date, that the structural elements of the roof, bearing walls and foundation of the Unit shall be free of material defects, and that the Premises do not contain hazardous levels of any mold or fungi defined as toxic under applicable state or federal law. Lessor also warrants, that unless otherwise specified in writing, Lessor is unaware of (i) any recorded Notices of Default affecting the Premise; (ii) any delinquent amounts due under any loan secured by the Premises; and (iii) any bankruptcy proceeding affecting the Premises.
Condition. TENANT stipulates, represents, and warrants that TENANT has examined the PROPERTY and that they are at the time of this Lease in good order, repair, and in a safe, clean, and tenantable condition. The TENANT agrees to maintain the PROPERTY in as good condition as it is at the start of this Lease except for ordinary wear and tear. The TENANT must pay for all repairs, replacements, and damages, whether or not caused by the act or neglect of the TENANT. TENANT shall generally maintain the PROPERTY in a neat and orderly condition. Damage or destruction by TENANT, TENANT's employees or TENANT's visitors of the PROPERTY shall constitute a violation of this Lease.