Erosion Sample Clauses

Erosion. Broker shall notify the Director in writing of any claim(s)which may erode the annual aggregate limits of any insurance policy to a point where the remaining insurance limits no longer comply with the requirements of this Agreement.
Erosion. The employer retains the right to contract for services in order to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of governmental operations. The employer shall not privatize bargaining unit work for the purpose of eroding the bargaining unit.
Erosion. If there is erosion occurring at the outlet, restabilize as needed using topsoil, seed and mulch, or use geotextile fabric and stone if vegetation doesn’t establish.
Erosion. Elements of the proposed City Heights development would eliminate or minimize erosion from existing unstable soil areas of the site. The proposal includes re-grading the Stream C gully concurrent with site improvements in proposed Development Area D1, constructing a coordinated stormwater management system, and eliminating, regrading and/or paving unimproved dirt roads. Proposed stormwater management measures to avoid or minimize erosion and sedimentation (described in Draft EIS Section 3.18.3) would also minimize potential adverse effects to topography and soils.
Erosion. 8.1 The licensee shall undertake all necessary works to ensure that the potential for erosion of land affected by mining is minimised.
Erosion sedimentation, increased flood hazard, and other undesirable changes in circulation shall be avoided. Tidal marshes, tidal flats, and other wetlands shall not be adversely affected.
Erosion. Purchaser is advised that the Properties being purchased may be subject to coastal erosion and to federal, state, or local regulations that govern coastal property, including the delineation of the coastal construction control line, rigid coastal protection structures, beach nourishment, and the protection of marine turtles. Additional information can be obtained from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, including whether there are significant erosion conditions associated with the shoreline of the Properties being purchased. To the extent applicable to the Properties, Purchaser hereby waives the right to obtain from any Seller an affidavit with respect to, or a survey meeting the requirements of Chapter 472 of the Florida Statues delineating, the location of the coastal construction control line on the Properties.
Erosion. Inadequate vegetative cover may result in erosion of the embankments. Erosion that occurs on the embankments can cause clogging of the filter media.
Erosion. Soil disturbance by erosion and the result&t deposition in the lagoon were the most striking and of degradation that were Essentially a single’ road or track is responsible for the erosion and sediment transport. Most vehicle tracks or remnants mostly parallel to the slope line, were of mineral soil, bare of vegetation and were often several feet below surrounding soil levels. Secondary Sources of information, particularly the series of letters provided by Xxxxx, also indicated erosion, through vehicular disturbance, as the single main concern. The correspondence since 1965 was concerned mainly with managing roads and access, with later correspondence more strongly focused on dealing with road and habitat destruction by trespassing motor vehicles. Water was conducted down denuded roadways rutted by tracks and water erosion. Water was concentrated in a narrow area, a more or less straight course following the fall line the slope. Consequently there was more water in a small area and its velocity was increased. No vegetation nor leaf litter was present, the soil surface was loosened and rutted and so was readily displaced by the water. As the surface became greatly rutted, off road vehicles moved to alternate adjacent routes and the process was repeated. We observed wide ruts more than ten feet deep. Vegetation destruction and soil disturbance has taken place on the site for more than one hundred years, beginning with first logging effort. Some of the deep ruts currently used by off . road vehicles could be original logging roads. Erosion on shrub lands uncovered hard sand deposits and exposed some gravel and rocks. Erosion channels under the forest cover were generally wider and deeper than those through brush cover. Some forest erosion channels appeared to be quite old; judging by the condition of the edges they were probably formed many years ago, perhaps from roads formed during the first logging projects. Steep slopes under forest cover were often unvegetated and were covered with leaf litter. These slopes, which were evidently ABA Consultants Buzzard Lagoon Restoration . by vehicle travel, were not eroded and appeared stable despite lack of vegetation and angle of repose. • The erosion channel which conducted most of the sediment to the lagoon appeared to be a remnant of an old logging road and was under forest In places it was fifteen to twenty feet wide and nearly ten feet -deep. The length . of the channel was several hundred and the volume of sedim...
Erosion a. Inspect and repair areas of erosion on a bi-annual basis, repaired areas shall be stabilized with native vegetation.