Erosion Sample Clauses

Erosion. Any erosion repair will be for an additional charge at a price agreed upon by the parties prior to the performance of the repair.
Erosion. Broker shall notify the Director in writing of any claim(s)which may erode the annual aggregate limits of any insurance policy to a point where the remaining insurance limits no longer comply with the requirements of this Agreement.
Erosion. Erosion is caused where soil is exposed to water, wind, or ice. Erosion can be caused by removing vegetation, compacting or disturbing the soil, changing natural drainage patterns, and covering the ground with impermeable surfaces (buildings, pavement, or concrete), all of which are integral parts of typical construction projects. Erosion is a source of sediment in stormwater.
Erosion. Lessee shall refrain from acts, which have a tendency to cause soil erosion on the Property and, at its sole risk and expense, shall immediately take preventive measures to stop erosion if erosion begins to affect the Property. Lessee using proper materials, which will serve to enhance shoreline values, shall initiate shoreline protection measures. In the event that vegetative plantings will not adequately protect the shoreline, alternate protective measures shall consist of retaining walls, bulkheads or riprap. Plans and specifications shall be submitted to Lessor and will conform to acceptable standards as required by Lessor. Soil erosion which may occur as a result of run-off shall be corrected at the direction of Lessor. Further, Lessor shall not be responsible for providing maintenance excavation should accretion of sand, silt, soil, or other material affect the Property or access to the Property during the Term.
Erosion. Purchaser is advised that the Properties being purchased may be subject to coastal erosion and to federal, state, or local regulations that govern coastal property, including the delineation of the coastal construction control line, rigid coastal protection structures, beach nourishment, and the protection of marine turtles. Additional information can be obtained from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, including whether there are significant erosion conditions associated with the shoreline of the Properties being purchased. To the extent applicable to the Properties, Purchaser hereby waives the right to obtain from any Seller an affidavit with respect to, or a survey meeting the requirements of Chapter 472 of the Florida Statues delineating, the location of the coastal construction control line on the Properties.
Erosion. Under Hawaii law, the beach in front of the Project belongs to the State and is not part of the Project. It is common for Hawaii beaches to be eroded due to ocean currents, waves, and other natural forces, and the beach in front of the Project has experienced such erosion over the years. This can change the Project boundaries and reduce the land area of the Project because the State owns the beach up to the high wash of the waves, which moves inland with erosion. After the removal of a wall or “groin” extending into the ocean from a neighbor’s property in response to a letter provided by the Hawaii Dept. of Land and Natural Resources in 2013, the beach in front of the Project has eroded by perhaps another twenty feet or more. This erosion has not damaged the improvements of the Project. The Board of Directors of the Association has been analyzing various short term and long term alternatives intended to deal with beach erosion, including but not limited to replacing the groin removed in 2013, constructing a seawall, beach nourishment, and so on. As of the date of issuance of the Public Report(s), the Association was considering a proposal by a consultant to seek the approvals necessary to construct a new groin to replace the groin that was removed in 2013, and for beach nourishment. This will entail seeking various federal and state approvals and may take a year or more to complete. To help offset the cost, the Developer will deposit $150,000 with the Association to cover a portion of the anticipated consultant’s fees and anticipated cost of constructing the groin. The Developer has not promised to pay any sum beyond this with the result that the Association would have to pay any further expenses, and this could entail an additional$125,000 or more. The Board of Directors of the Association has considered borrowing the funds required to pay the remainder of the costs although, as of the date of the Public Report(s), a decision had not yet been made. Even so, the Budget attached to the Public Report(s) assumes that the Association will obtain a loan, rather than pay cash for these expenses, and so the Budget includes the costs of the loan in the estimates of the Common Expenses. Although a new groin would be constructed for the purpose of preventing further erosion of the beach, the Developer makes no representations or warranties that the beach or the Project will not be affected by further erosion due to hurricane, tsunami, or other natural forces such as...

Related to Erosion

Drainage Seller shall be responsible for installing, or causing to be installed, all drainage facilities required by the City outside of the Property that relate to development on the Property. Purchaser will be solely responsible for providing all drainage facilities required within the boundaries of the Property in accordance with the Purchaser's Development Plan, the Plat and any applicable drainage plans approved by the City. Purchaser acknowledges the Plat will have to provide for drainage easements as required by the City.
Noise The Hirer shall ensure that the minimum of noise is made on arrival and departure, particularly late at night and early in the morning. The Hirer shall, if using sound amplification equipment, make use of any noise limitation device provided at the premises and comply with any other licensing condition for the premises.
Contamination as used herein means the presence of or release of Hazardous Substances (as hereinafter defined) into any environmental media from, upon, within, below, into or on any portion of the Demised Premises, the Building, the Building Common Area or the Project so as to require remediation, cleanup or investigation under any applicable Environmental Law (as hereinafter defined).
Shortages Claims for shortages in the amount of Products shipped by Patheon will be dealt with by reasonable agreement of the parties.
Mold The Resident acknowledges that to avoid mold growth it is important to prevent excessive moisture buildup and agrees to remove visible moisture accumulation as soon as it occurs and immediately report to Owner any evidence of excess moisture or mold or mildew inside the Home. Resident acknowledges receipt of the “Mold Information and Prevention Addendum” which is fully executed and incorporated herein by reference.
Animals The Hirer shall ensure that no animals (including birds) except guide dogs are brought into the premises, other than for a special event agreed to by the Village Hall. No animals whatsoever are to enter the kitchen at any time.
Outages Customer shall be permitted twenty-four (24) hours of daylight offline (each, a “Scheduled Outage”) per Site per calendar year during the Term, during which hours Customer shall not be obligated to accept, and if not accepted, pay for Energy; provided, however, that Customer shall have notified Provider in writing of each such Scheduled Outage at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance of the commencement of such Scheduled Outage. In the event that Scheduled Outages at a given Site exceeds twenty-four (24) hours per calendar year for a reason other than a Force Majeure Event, and for all unscheduled outages, Provider shall reasonably estimate the amount of Energy that would have been delivered to Customer during each hour of such excess Scheduled Outages or unscheduled outages and shall invoice Customer for such amount, which shall be payable in accordance with Section 6.3.
Inclement Weather 4:1 Employees who report for work on a workday or for prearranged work on a workday and are unable to work in the field because of inclement weather, heat or other causes, shall be paid for actual time worked, if any, but not less than two (2) hours at straight-time rates. Employees receiving subsistence as provided for in Section 5:2 shall continue to receive subsistence in addition to the amount provided for under this Section.
Safety In relation to Safety Obligations:
Water This lease does not grant permission, express or implied, to Lessee for water exploration, drilling, or establishing water wells without the written permission of the surface owner. If Lessor is the surface owner, said permission shall not be unreasonably withheld. If Lessee desires to establish or adjudicate any water right for beneficial use on the leased land, any such adjudication or application shall be in the name of Lessor if Lessor is the surface owner. The same shall apply to any non-tributary water rights established on the leased land which may be put to beneficial use off said land.