Electric utility definition

Electric utility means a consumer-owned utility or
Electric utility means any person that generates, transmits, or distributes electric energy for use by
Electric utility means that term as defined in section 2 of the electric transmission line certification act, 1995 PA 30, MCL 460.562.

Examples of Electric utility in a sentence

  • Electric utility companies may apply maleic hydrazide when utilizing mechanical tree trimming.

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Electric utility means an electric light company that has a certified territory and is engaged on a for-profit basis either in the business of supplying a noncompetitive retail electric service in this state or in the businesses of supplying both a noncompetitive and a competitive retail electric service in this state. "Electric utility" excludes a municipal electric utility or a billing and collection agent.
Electric utility means investor-owned electric utilities and electric cooperative corporations and associations owning, controlling, operating, or using transmission and distribution facilities and equipment subject to the board’s jurisdiction.
Electric utility means a consumer-owned utility or investor-owned utility as those terms are defined in RCW 19.280.020.
Electric utility means a consumer-owned or investor-owned
Electric utility means a public utility that furnishes electricity to the public for compensation.
Electric utility means an electric company or consumer-owned utility that is engaged in the business of distributing electricity to retail electricity consumers in this state.
Electric utility means a public utility, as defined in