Elder Care Sample Clauses

Elder Care. ‌ • The Coast Guard is committed to supporting the needs of its workforce and provides elder care assistance limited to listing local and national websites offering information on elder care issues. The Agency may assist employees with accessing elder care information and referral directories through the use of the Health, Safety and Work-Life Directorate (CG-111) website (xxx.xxxxxxxx0xxx.xxx) and by the employee visiting the local Health, Safety, and Work-Life Field office. In addition to the website, elder care referral assistance is also available through the free 24/7, WorkLife4You referral service available to employees through the web or by calling (toll free) 0-000-000-0000.

Related to Elder Care

  • Urgent Care This plan covers services received at an urgent care center. For other services, such as surgery or diagnostic tests, the amount that you pay is based on the type of service being provided. See Summary of Medical Benefits for details. Follow-up care (such as suture removal or wound care) should be obtained from your primary care provider or specialist.

  • Child Care At the request of the Union, the Union and the Employer agree to form a statewide joint labor-management committee on childcare. The committee will be composed of six (6) representatives for the Union and six (6) representatives for the Employer.

  • Health Care The Change Entity will reimburse the Executive for the cost of continuing health coverage under COBRA, less the amount the Executive is expected to pay as an employee premium at the lowest rate in effect at any time during the Protection Period for this coverage, until the earlier of [i] the last day of the 24th complete calendar month beginning after the date the Executive is Terminated in Connection With a Change of Control or [ii] the date the Executive becomes eligible for comparable benefits at comparable costs to the Executive under another employer sponsored benefit program. The amounts payable under this section will be increased to reimburse the Executive for federal, state and local income, employment and wage taxes associated with that reimbursement. Any reimbursement for continuing health coverage under this Section 5.07[1][c], other than with respect to any continuing health coverage during the applicable COBRA health insurance benefit continuation period described in Section 4980B of the Code, and any reimbursement for taxes remitted pursuant to this Section 5.07[1][c] shall be subject to the following: [A] the amount eligible for reimbursement during any taxable year of the Executive may not affect the amount eligible for reimbursement to the Executive in any other taxable year; [B] any reimbursement shall be made on or before the last day of the taxable year of the Executive following the taxable year of the Executive in which the expense is incurred; and [C] the right to such reimbursement may not be subject to liquidation or exchange for another benefit. [d] Other. Any rights (including those arising on account of the Change of Control) accruing to the Executive under any other compensatory program and employee benefit plan, fund or program maintained by the Change Entity will be distributed or made available as required by the terms of the program, plan or fund or as required by law.

  • Customer Care The Contractor must develop appropriate, interactive scripts for call center staff to use during initial welcome calls when making outbound calls to new Members and to respond to Member calls, which are subject to Division approval prior to use. The Contractor’s call center staff must also use a Division-approved script to respond to Members who call to request assistance with PCP selection. The Contractor must develop special scripts for emergency and unusual situations, as requested by the Division. All scripts must be clear and easily understood. The Contractor must review the scripts annually to determine any necessary revisions. The Division reserves the right to request and review call center scripts at any time. All call center scripts must be submitted by Contractor to the Division for review and approval thirty (30) calendar days prior to use. Under no circumstances will unlicensed Member services staff provide health-related advice to Members requesting clinical information. In such cases, these calls must be immediately transferred to clinical personnel during regular business hours, as defined above. The Contractor must ensure that all such inquiries are addressed by clinical personnel acting within the scope of their licensure to practice a health- related profession. The Contractor’s internal staff is required to ask the callers whether they are satisfied with the response given to their call. All calls must be documented and if the caller is not satisfied, the Contractor must ensure that the call is referred to the appropriate individual within the Contractor for follow-up and/or resolution. This referral must take place within forty-eight (48) hours of the call. The Contractor is not permitted to utilize electronic call answering methods, as a substitute for staff persons, to perform this service after business hours. The Contractor shall randomly select and record calls received at the call center and monitor no less than three percent (3%) of calls for compliance with customer care guidelines. The Contractor will report the findings of these audits to the Division via a quarterly Deliverable report. The Contractor will make recordings available to the Division upon request within five (5) business days. The Contractor shall maintain the recordings for at least six (6) months.

  • Hospice Care If you have a terminal illness and you agree with your physician not to continue with a curative treatment program, this plan covers hospice care services received in your home, in a skilled nursing facility, or in an inpatient facility.

  • Family Care Employees may use vacation leave for care of family members as required by the Family Care Act, WAC 296-130.

  • Dental Care Provider shall ensure that dentists and non-dentist ----------- dental care personnel are available in sufficient numbers as are necessary or appropriate to provide Dental Care to reasonably meet the demand for such Dental Care. In the event that dentists employed by, or shareholders of, Provider are not available to provide Dental Care coverage, Provider shall engage and retain dentists on a temporary coverage basis, which dentists shall meet or exceed the qualifications required for Provider's Dental Care Professionals under this agreement. All costs and expenses associated with the retention of such temporary coverage shall be Provider Expenses. With the assistance of the Service Company, Provider and the dentists shall be responsible for scheduling dentist and non-dentist dental care personnel coverage of all dental procedures. Provider shall cause all dentists to exert their best efforts to develop and promote Provider in such a manner as to ensure Provider is able to serve the diverse needs of the community. Provider shall organize and maintain a high quality, cost-effective process for ensuring that patients will have timely access to emergency Dental Care on a 24- hour, seven day per week basis.

  • Staff Nurse A registered nurse who is responsible for the direct and indirect nursing care of the patient.