Drilling and Development Sample Clauses

Drilling and Development. AInitial Well: On or before the day of , 20 , Operator shall commence the drilling of the Initial Well at the following location: See Participation Agreement dated November 1, 2005 by and between Eden Energy Corp. and Merganser Limited - 8 - and shall thereafter continue the drilling of the well with due diligence to The drilling of the Initial Well and the participation therein by all Parties is obligatory, subject to Article VI.C.1. as to participation in Completion operations and Article VI.F. as to termination of operations and Article XI as to occurrence of force majeure. B Subsequent Operations:
Drilling and Development. GS&C shall prepare and submit a drilling proposal to KLM, and on approval of the parties of the well locations, GS&C shall commence drilling (8) wells prior to December 31, 1993. GS&C shall cause to be commenced drilling on the Location prior to Nov. 10, 1993. PAGE 3
Drilling and Development. See Article XVI. (C.)) B. Subsequent Operations:
Drilling and Development. The Company and the Lender agree to continue to engage in drilling and development efforts pursuant to the Operating Agreement, including the drilling and development of the App Energy H-33 well and the next unnamed well to be drilled thereafter (such two wells, the “Planned Wells”). With respect to the Planned Wells, notwithstanding anything to the contrary set forth in the Operating Agreement or any other agreement between the Company and the Lender, the Company agrees to fund on the Lender’s behalf one-half of the Lender’s costs to participate in the Planned Wells (such one-half of the Lender’s costs, the “Carry”). The Lender agrees that as part of drilling the App Energy H-33, certain operations have been or will be conducted that are outside the scope of typical drilling and completion operations. The Parties agree that these operations are being conducted to benefit the Parties in the future development of the leasehold. Specifically, these operations include the drilling and logging of the vertical portion of the Murray H-34 and the coring, core analysis, and other mutually agreed to reporting of the App Energy H-33. The Parties agree that some of the costs involved in these operations are not included in the Carry and, therefore the Lender agrees to pay its full share (i.e., 25%) of any costs that are incurred in 1) operations related to coring and analyzing the Berea formation; and, 2) operations involving the drilling and logging the vertical well referred to as the Murray H-34.
Drilling and Development. The items set forth on Exhibit 5(q), in the aggregate, constitute a true, correct and complete list and description of (i) all obligations that Sellers may have to drill wells on any of the Properties necessary to prevent such Properties from becoming subject to forfeiture, loss, release, or the obligation to re-assign any acreage, lands, leases (or portions thereof) affecting such a Property prior to the commencement of any continuous drilling obligation or similar drilling obligation, and (ii) a description of any clauses in leases affecting the Properties requiring continuous drilling activity; SAVE AND EXCEPT, however, that Exhibit 5(q) does not include any reference to, and no representation is made in this Section 5(q) with regard to, any lease habendum clauses requiring production in paying quantities beyond the primary terms of leases to which the Properties are subject.
Drilling and Development. Subsequent OperationsProposals– The Task Force discovered that there were no standards for the content of proposals
Drilling and Development 

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Research and Development All product research and development activities, including quality assurance, quality control, testing, and research and analysis activities, conducted by the Corporation and the Subsidiaries in connection with the Business is being conducted in accordance with the Corporation’s internal policies, guidelines and protocols, in all material respects, with all Applicable Laws and best industry practices applicable to the Business; all processes, procedures and practices, required in connection with such activities, are in place as necessary to satisfy the Corporation’s internal policies, guidelines and protocols and are being complied with, in all material respects.
Staff Development All faculty and staff development monies shall be distributed to the colleges on a basis proportional to the number of faculty FTE at each college. The college monies shall then be allocated at the college by mutual agreement between the college staff development committee and the management designee. Faculty in departments may formulate in-service training recommendations. In-service training programs for the improvement of instruction in departments shall not be undertaken without the consideration and approval of the affected group.
Project Development Prior to the Commercial Operation Date, SRC Producer agrees to (i) submit semi-annual progress reports to Company including current status of each Construction Milestone, any significant developments or delays along with an action plan for making up delays, and SRC Producer’s best estimate of the Commercial Operation Date; (ii) provide copies of reports submitted to the Facility Lender relating to status, progress and development of the project, (iii) Upon Company request, meet with the Company to participate in semi-annual meetings to discuss the progress reports, answer questions, and assess the schedule, and (iv) participate in semi-annual progress review and issue remediation meetings when requested by the Company. SRC Producer shall make all relevant contractors available to Company in order to keep the Company fully informed on the status of the development. The semi-annual progress reports are due on every 6 month interval determined from the date the application is created by Public Service, ceasing once Commercial Operation has been obtained. Upon request, the Company shall have the right to monitor the construction, start-up, testing, and operation of the Facility at the Facility for compliance with this agreement, provided, however, that Company shall comply with all of SRC Producer’s applicable safety and health rules and requirements. Company’s monitoring of the Facility shall not be construed as inspections or endorsing the design thereof nor as any express or implied warranties including performance, safety, durability, or reliability of the Facility.
Strategic Planning The Practice Advisory Council may make recommendations to the Practice concerning development of long-term strategic planning objectives for the Practice.
Professional Development The Company will reimburse the Executive for education and professional development expenses related to courses or programs selected by the Executive in the energy sector up to $25,000 per calendar year. The Executive may take such courses during normal business hours and will not be required to utilize vacation time.
Procurement Planning Prior to the issuance of any invitations to bid for contracts, the proposed procurement plan for the Project shall be furnished to the Association for its review and approval, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 1 of Appendix 1 to the Guidelines. Procurement of all goods and works shall be undertaken in accordance with such procurement plan as shall have been approved by the Association, and with the provisions of said paragraph 1.
Proprietary Information and Developments ----------------------------------------
Development MTKN agrees and warrants that it has the expertise necessary to and has had the opportunity to independently evaluate the inventions of the Licensed Technology and develop same for the market.
Training and Education REGIONAL ENTITY] may provide training and education to Registered Entities, as it deems necessary, in support of its performance of delegated functions and related activities under this Agreement. NERC may also provide training and education programs to Registered Entities on topics relating to NERC’s responsibilities as the ERO.
Career Development Both Parties recognize the need to provide employees in classifications covered by this Agreement with opportunities to improve their qualifications in order to prepare for promotional advancement; to upgrade their skills required as a result of technological change, new methods and/or new procedures; and to qualify for new positions being planned.