Commercial quantities definition

Commercial quantities means an amount of electrical energy
Commercial quantities shall have the same meaning as the definition of "Commercial Production" in Article 1.11 of the Concession Agreement.
Commercial quantities means that quantity of coal that can be sold at profit in the commercial market;

Examples of Commercial quantities in a sentence

  • Commercial quantities of pirated or counterfeit goods are brought to the FTZ with little or no Customs supervision.

  • Commercial quantities of methane are generally associated with sandstone (oil and gas sands) units that are sufficiently porous and permeable.

  • Commercial quantities of gypsum are available from New York, Michigan, Iowa, Kansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and California in the United States and in England and Canada (Wikipedia, 2005).

  • Commercial quantities of any drugs we seek to develop will have to be manufactured in facilities and by processes that comply with the FDA and other regulations, and we plan to rely on third parties to manufacture commercial quantities of products we successfully develop.

  • Commercial quantities is 1 percent of recoverable reserves existing on the date the bracket begins.

More Definitions of Commercial quantities

Commercial quantities means production exceeding in value current operating costs.
Commercial quantities means an amount of electrical energy sufficient for sale or use off-site from a wind turbine or wind energy facility, and shall not include amounts of electrical energy used only for the maintenance or testing of the wind turbine or wind energy facility itself.
Commercial quantities means whether:
Commercial quantities means any amount of marine life harvested or possessed for the purposes of sale or with intent to sell or in excess of the recreational bag limit.
Commercial quantities means and include five hundredweight or more per growing season;
Commercial quantities means 1 per- cent of the recoverable coal reserves or LMU recoverable coal reserves.
Commercial quantities means whether (1) the well yields a profit exceeding operating costs over a reasonable period of time, and (2) a reasonably prudent operator would continue operating a well in the manner being operated under the facts and circumstances.