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the Lender. The Borrower: Tianjin Tianshi Biological Development Tianjin Tianshi Biological Engneering Co.,Ltd Co.,Ltd By /s/ Jinyuan Li By /s/ Baolan Li ---------------------------------- ------------------------------------ Title: General Manager Title: General Manager ------------------------------ -------------------------------- September 1, 2005 September 1, 2005
the Lender s Affected Loans shall be automatically Converted into Base Rate Loans on the last day(s) of the then current Interest Period(s) for Affected Loans (or, in the case of a Conversion required by SECTION 4.3 hereof, on such earlier date as the Lender may specify to the Borrower) and, unless and until the Lender gives notice as provided below that the circumstances specified in SECTION 4.1 or 4.3 hereof that gave rise to such Conversion no longer exist:

Examples of the Lender in a sentence

  • A final decision on whether a loan will be granted rests with the Lender who may impose retentions in line with their lending criteria.

  • The decision as to whether finance will be provided is entirely a matter for the Lender.

  • The transcript report will be in the format required by the Lender but will contain the same information, inspection date and valuation figure as the generic Mortgage Valuation Report and the Single Survey.

  • TRANSCRIPT MORTGAGE VALUATION FOR LENDING PURPOSESThe Surveyors undertake that on being asked to do so by a prospective purchaser, or his/herprofessional advisor or Lender, they will prepare a Transcript Mortgage Valuation Report for Lending Purposes on terms and conditions to be agreed between the Surveyors and Lender and solely for the use of the Lender and upon which the Lender may rely.

  • DEFINITIONS the "Lender" is the party who has provided or intends or proposes to provide financial assistance to the Purchaser towards the purchase of the Property and in whose favour a standard security will be granted over the Property; the "Transcript Mortgage Valuation Report for Lending Purposes" means a separate report, prepared by the Surveyor, prepared from information in the Report and the generic Mortgage Valuation Report, but in a style and format required by the Lender.

More Definitions of the Lender

the Lender means the Investor who/which has concluded the Loan Agreement.
the Lender means Bank of Ireland Mortgage Bank.
the Lender means Durban Roodepoort Deep, Limited, a company registered in accordance with the laws of South Africa under Registration Number 1895/000926/06;
the Lender means:
the Lender. The Borrower" /Credit Officer/ /Credit Manager/ Contact Information:
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the Lender. MFC MERCHANT BANK S.A. Per: /s/ Xxxxx Xxxxxxx Authorized Signatory Per: /s/ X. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Authorized Signatory THE GUARANTOR: MFC BANCORP LTD. Per: /s/ Xxxxxxx Xxxxx Authorized Signatory Per: /s/ signed Authorized Signatory THE BORROWER: MYMETICS CORPORATION Per: /s/ signed Authorized Signatory Per: /s/ signed Authorized Signatory