Definition of Plugging Back

Plugging Back means a single operation whereby a deeper Zone is abandoned in order to attempt a Completion in a shallower Zone. Plug Back and other derivatives shall be construed accordingly.

Examples of Plugging Back in a sentence

If such a Reworking, Recompleting or Plugging Back operation is proposed during such recoupment period, the provisions of this Article VI.B. shall be applicable as between said Consenting Parties in said well.
No party shall conduct any Reworking, Deepening, Plugging Back, Completion, Recompletion, or Sidetracking operation under this agreement with respect to any well then capable of producing in paying quantities except with the consent of all parties that have not relinquished interests in the well at the time of such operation.
Consent to the Reworking, Recompleting or Plugging Back of a well shall include all necessary expenditures in conducting such operations and Completing and equipping of said well, including necessary tankage and/or surface facilities.
An election not to participate in the drilling, Sidetracking or Deepening of a well shall be deemed an election not to participate in any Reworking or Plugging Back operation proposed in such a well, or portion thereof, to which the initial non-consent election applied that is conducted at any time prior to full recovery by the Consenting Parties of the Non-Consenting Party's recoupment amount.
Such operations include, but are not limited to, well stimulation operations but exclude any routine repair or maintenance work or drilling, Sidetracking, Deepening, Completing, Recompleting, or Plugging Back of a well.