Participating Party definition

Participating Party means an enterprise or public body that has committed itself to reaching certain objectives under a voluntary agreement, or is covered by a national regulatory policy instrument;
Participating Party means a biological mother, biological father, surrogate carrier, or the spouse of a biological mother, biological father, or surrogate carrier, if any.
Participating Party has the meaning set forth in Section 9.2(c)(i).

Examples of Participating Party in a sentence

  • Appendix B can be amended by the authorizing Participating Party as needed with no effect on the entire Agreement.

  • Funds cannot be used to build or develop infrastructure beyond that which is required as a prerequisite for the job creation by the Participating Party.

  • By entering the Contest, each Participating Party (defined below) accepts and agrees to be bound by these official Contest rules (these “Official Rules”).The Contest is in no way sponsored by or endorsed by Ziploop, Inc.

  • The local government shall provide to the Department a financial underwriting analysis and other Participating Party documentation not required at the time of application.

  • Participating Party agrees that he or she will not join his or her claims to those of any other person.

More Definitions of Participating Party

Participating Party means either of the following:
Participating Party means a county or municipality of the State of Georgia that has become party to this Agreement by its approval and execution of this agreement.
Participating Party means a Participant who is a member of the NSCC and a participant in the CNS System of NSCC
Participating Party means any person, company, corporation, partnership, firm, local agency, political subdivision of the state, or other entity or group of entities requiring financing for historical rehabilitation pursuant to the provisions of this part. No elective officer of the state or any of its political subdivisions shall be eligible to be a participating party under the provisions of this part.
Participating Party means the USOPC, the Karolyis, Twistars, and any Person that becomes a Participating Party pursuant to the terms set forth in Section 11.6, and for each includes their respective employees, officers, agents, attorneys, and directors, but only to the extent acting in their capacities as such, all of which are providing or will provide consideration or a portion of the funding for the Plan in exchange for: (a) the release of any indemnification or contribution Claim by the Debtor against such Participating Party; (b) the benefit of the Channeling Injunction; and/or (c) any other benefits in favor of Participating Parties under the Plan. A Settling Insurer is not a Participating Party. A Participating Party shall release all of its Claims against the Debtor, the Estate, and the Reorganized Debtor, and each of their respective Related Persons. The list of current Participating Parties is attached hereto as Exhibit C.
Participating Party means any person, company, corporation, association, state, or municipal governmental entity, partnership, firm, or other entity or group of entities, whether organized for profit or not for profit, engaged in business or operations within the state and that applies for financing from the bank in conjunction with a sponsor for the purpose of implementing a project. However, in the case of a project relating to the financing of transition costs or the acquisition of transition property, or both, on the request of an electrical corporation, or in connection with financing for an economic development facility, or for the financing of insurance claims, the participating party shall be deemed to be the same entity as the sponsor for the financing.