Dress Code Sample Clauses

Dress Code. CONTRACTOR shall maintain a dress code for their employee’s with a minimum of shirts, pants, and work shoes/boots, in decent condition, at all times while the work is being performed. In the event the COUNTY determines ID badges are necessary, the COUNTY will provide CONTRACTOR with ID badges and CONTRACTOR agrees to enforce that its employees, whether employed by CONTRACTOR or a subcontractor, wear such ID badge while working on site for the Project/Service.
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Dress Code. 42.01 The Parties agree that the Employee shall maintain a professional image while at the work site by adhering to the Employer's Attire and Appearance policy.
Dress Code a. The SRD shall wear a “Class B” uniform issued by the SHERIFF. Any deviation from the above shall be at the discretion of the SHERIFF or his designee.
Dress Code. The Union and the State Bar agree that dress worn to work shall not be indecent or unsafe and shall present a professional image consistent with Employees’ work assignments.
Dress Code. Dress code requirements for civilian members, which differ from those established within the Department's Manual, will be put in writing and approved by the appropriate deputy chief.
Dress Code. All employees are required to come to work dressed in a suitable, businesslike manner appropriate to their position and work site.
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Dress Code. Employees shall be allowed to wear whatever type of clothing they wish. No employee shall be discriminated against because of dress.
Dress Code. School will cause Program Participants to conform to reasonable personal appearance standards imposed by Hospital and wear ID badges as requested by Hospital from time to time. School will cause Program Participants to pay for their own meals at the Facility. School acknowledges and will regularly inform Program Participants that Hospital is not responsible for personal items lost or stolen at the Facility.
Dress Code. The Board and Union recognize the desirability of enhancing the image of teachers in the Providence School Department. To this end, the Board and Union agree to the following:
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