Disposal of Wastes Sample Clauses

Disposal of Wastes. The Company shall dispose of all waste materials that result from the Company carrying on the business of producing particle board at the works site so as to prevent the pollution of the soil on the works site and the Company shall with all due expedition comply with any reasonable direction which the Minister may from time to time give or cause to be given with regard to such disposal.
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Disposal of Wastes. 1 Do not bury rubbish and waste materials on site unless approved by Departmental Representative.
Disposal of Wastes. 1 Clean-up the site at the end of each working day.
Disposal of Wastes. Each Party as Producer shall be responsible for handling and disposing of wastes generated by the Manufacturing of Products and shall ensure that all wastes or by-products that result from the Manufacture, handling, storage or packaging of the Product prior to delivery to Buyer, all third party Raw Materials and their shipping containers, and, where applicable, the cleaning of vessels, tanks, lines, pumps, or associated equipment, shall be disposed of in compliance with all Applicable Laws. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Buyer will have responsibility for waste or by-products related to Product shipping containers it receives from Producer and for E&O Products and RM&I transferred to Buyer or, at Buyer’s request, manifested for disposal under Buyer’s name.
Disposal of Wastes. .1 Do not bury rubbish or waste materials.
Disposal of Wastes. Suitable containers shall be provided for trash, garbage, and human excreta, so that such materials are disposed of off the Lease Premises at approved disposal sites. Waste petroleum products shall not be drained or poured onto the Leased Premises, but shall be disposed of in suitable containers at approved disposal sites.
Disposal of Wastes. All tailing ponds and other facilities for the storage of waste materials created by Tectonic’s activities on the Premises shall be constructed and maintained in accordance with Good Mining Practice, using the most reasonably appropriate technology currently available that demonstrates engineering and economic feasibility and success in storing similar materials when such facilities were constructed.
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Disposal of Wastes. 1 Dispose of waste materials including volatiles, safely off NRC property. Refer to the article entitled "Fire & General Safety" of this section.
Disposal of Wastes. .1 All excess materials shall be disposed of in a legal manner by Contractor.
Disposal of Wastes. All waste material generated by the work or otherwise subject to the work in accordance with the contract documents shall be handled, transported, stored and disposed of off-site by Vendor at the end of each day's work. Such materials shall be disposed of in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, ordinances and regulations.
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