Precedence Sample Clauses

Precedence. The Contract documents consist of this Contract and attachments. In the event of a conflict between or among the Contract documents, the order of precedence shall be the provisions of the main body of this Contract, i.e., those provisions set forth in the recitals and articles of this Contract, and then the attachments.
Precedence. In the event of any conflict between the terms of this Agreement and the Contract, then the terms of the Contract shall prevail in relation to the substance of the Messages in connection with the Contract.
Precedence. In the event of conflict between the provisions contained in the numbered sections of this Agreement and the provisions contained in the Exhibits, the provisions of the numbered sections shall prevail over those in the Exhibits.
Precedence. The Contract documents will consist of this Contract including its Attachments, and Exhibits. In the event of a conflict between the Contract documents, the order of precedence shall be this Contract, then the Attachments and Exhibits.
Precedence. The requirements of this Section 6.02 will take precedence over any inconsistent provisions of the Plan.
Precedence. In the event of inconsistency in this Agreement, unless otherwise provided herein, the inconsistency shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following order:
Precedence. In the event of a conflict between this Order and any other written agreement between the parties and specifically covering the same goods or services, the terms and conditions of such agreement shall prevail to the extent of such conflict. A conflict between the terms set forth herein and those set forth in an SOW will be resolved in favor of the SOW. Notwithstanding the above, this Order shall prevail over any differing or additional terms and conditions proposed by Seller, including, without limitation, those contained in any invoice.
Precedence. If there are any inconsistencies between the provisions of the Contract Documents and the provisions of this Agreement, the provisions of this Agreement shall prevail.
Precedence. These Purchase Terms and Conditions, the Purchase Order, and any Change Orders are intended to be complementary and shall be interpreted and construed as complementary, whenever possible. In the event, however, of any contradiction, discrepancy, ambiguity, or inconsistency between such documents, the following order of precedent shall apply:
Precedence. These Conditions shall apply to all contracts for the purchase of Goods or Services by the Purchaser from the Supplier to the exclusion of any terms and conditions or any other materials which the Supplier may purport to apply or which are endorsed upon any correspondence or documents issued by the Supplier irrespective of their date of communication to the Purchaser. The Supplier may not rely on any representations by the Purchaser that are not included in the Agreement.