Diesel Fuel Sample Clauses

Diesel Fuel. Distributor agrees that in any geographical area where only motor vehicle diesel may be sold, distributed, or introduced into commerce, Distributor will take all necessary steps to prohibit the sale, dispensing, or distribution of any diesel fuel at a Station unless such Product meets the defined requirements for motor vehicle diesel under the EPA Regulations. Such steps shall include but are not limited to, displaying EPA mandated notices and warnings on dispenser as applicable, and timely transitioning of Product inventory to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel or motor vehicle diesel by implementing inventory controls and/or oversight procedures including sampling and testing as necessary to comply with then current standards.
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Diesel Fuel. Adjustment is hereby deleted and replaced with the following provision, however this deletion and replacement shall only be effective for the period July 1, 2008 through December 31, 2009. Thereafter this language shall be null and void and the original Section 8.4
Diesel Fuel. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in Paragraph 8.c. of this Lease, if Tenant installs a Generator on the Building roof pursuant to this Paragraph 62, Tenant may, following prior written notice to Landlord and compliance by Tenant with any reasonable conditions imposed by Landlord, utilize diesel fuel for the operation of the Generator, provided that in no event may Tenant store diesel fuel in the Building other than in the storage tank which is a part of the Generator and Tenant’s use of diesel fuel shall be in accordance with all applicable Legal Requirements. Tenant shall promptly provide Landlord with copies of all notices received by it, including, without limitation, any notice of violations, notice of responsibility or demand for action from any federal, state or local authority or official in connection with the presence of the fuel on the Real Property. In the event of any release of the fuel in any portion of the Real Property (or upon adjacent lands, if caused by Tenant or Tenant’s agents, employees, contractors, licensees or invitees) Tenant shall promptly remedy the problem in accordance with all applicable Legal Requirements.
Diesel Fuel. For HECO, HT&B, YB; and MECO or HELCO FOB point of Delivery as per Section 6.3, Section 6.2 and Section 6.1, respectively: [---] where PD1 is equal to the price per physical gallon for the Month of Delivery for No. 2 Diesel Fuel purchased by HECO, HT&B, YB, MECO or HELCO in U.S. Dollars ("$") per ("/") gallon.
Diesel Fuel. Xxxx will provide diesel fuel (“Fuel”) for use in Xpress Service vehicles. ATL shall be responsible for reimbursing Xxxx for the actual cost of fuel used less any applicable federal or state motor fuel tax refunds for vehicles used on Xpress Service routes. Xxxx shall provide ATL with a fuel utilization report showing a cost per gallon, on a monthly basis, that excludes the cost of any Fuel attributed to an emergency requisition of Xpress Service vehicles by Xxxx.
Diesel Fuel. 2.4 Drill sites, location surveys, marker buoys.
Diesel Fuel a. For HECO, HT&B, YB; and MECO or HELCO FOB point of Delivery as per Section 6.3, Section 6.2 and Section 6.1, respectively: [---] b. For MECO-Molokai/Delivered Kaunakakai: [---]
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Diesel Fuel. This portion is confidential; therefore, it has been omitted and filed separately with the Commission. ------------------------------------------------------------------
Diesel Fuel. There is a diesel fuel tank for emergency generator use. This will be the responsibility of Landlord to service.
Diesel Fuel. An order of the RWQCB directs Lafarge, National and Borrower to clean up contamination from a diesel fuel tank and pipeline. Borrower is advised that Lafarge and National have substantially completed the groundwater cleanup and that groundwater monitoring remains an on-going activity.
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