Notice of Violations Sample Clauses

Notice of Violations. Seller has received no written notice that either the Property or the use thereof violates any laws, rules and regulations of any federal, state, city or county government or any agency, body, or subdivision thereof having any jurisdiction over the Property that have not been resolved to the satisfaction of the issuer of the notice.
Notice of Violations. The Company has not received notice or other communication concerning, and does not have any knowledge of (A) any violation or alleged violation of Environmental Requirements, whether or not corrected or (B) any alleged liability for Environmental Damages (as defined below) and, to the knowledge of the Company there exists no basis for any Legal Proceeding related to either (A) or (B) being instituted or filed with respect to the Real Property or Former Real Property. No writ, injunction, decree, order or judgment related to the foregoing is outstanding. The Company has not been ordered or requested by any Governmental Authority to take any step to remedy any condition on any such property whether or not constituting a violation of Environmental Requirements, and no such person or entity has been named a "potentially responsible party" with respect thereto.
Notice of Violations. Landowner shall notify Lessee of potential violation of handling Hazardous Materials and if Landowner receives no response from Lessee within five days, and Landowner, in its sole discretion, believes that Lessee Contamination has occurred or that Lessee Hazardous Materials Activities are not in compliance with Applicable Environmental Laws, then Landowner and its representatives, in addition to any other rights Landowner may have under this Agreement, may enter upon the Property, may inspect Lessee's operations, and may take environmental samples as Landowner deems necessary. If Landowner's inspection discloses Lessee contamination or non-compliance with Applicable Environmental Laws which was not previously known by Landowner, then without limiting any of Landowner's other right of remedies, Landowner shall be entitled to prompt reimbursement of its costs of inspection and-testing upon presentation to Lessee of billing statements substantiating such costs.
Notice of Violations. Each Grantor agrees to give the Collateral Agent notice of any violations of any Requirement with respect to the Collateral or such Grantor’s use thereof that may reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect within fifteen (15) Business Days after a Responsible Officer of such Grantor obtains knowledge of such violation.
Notice of Violations. Manager shall promptly notify Owner in writing of any written notice received from any regulatory or governmental body regarding an actual or perceived violation of any Legal Requirements.
Notice of Violations. The Borrower has not received notice, and no Consolidated Company has received notice, that it is in violation of any Requirement of Law, judgment, court order, rule, or regulation that would be expected to have a Materially Adverse Effect.
Notice of Violations. Tenant shall promptly notify Landlord of any violation of any applicable law which is alleged to have been committed at the Premises and shall forward to Landlord copies of any written communications, complaints, citations or other notices relating to the condition of the Premises or compliance with applicable laws (an “Action Notice”). Tenant promptly shall respond to any Action Notice, cure any violation of applicable laws and have dismissed any legal action commenced against Tenant or the Premises to the satisfaction of Landlord. Prior to undertaking same, however, Tenant shall propose to Landlord its intended course of action and proceed only with Landlord’s approval of same, which shall not be deemed to be Landlord’s guarantee that such action is appropriate nor impose any liability on same for Landlord.
Notice of Violations. Trading Partner shall notify BCBSSC in writing within three (3) business days of obtaining knowledge of any criminal investigation, indictment, information or charge by any governmental entity (or communications indicating that the same may be contemplated) related to Trading Partner or any of Trading Partner’s directors, officers, employees, vendors, agents, Providers, Suppliers, or Business Associates.