Product Inventory definition

Product Inventory means all inventory owned as of the Closing by Seller or any Affiliate thereof of finished Product that is in conformance with the Specifications and has an expiration date of October 1, 2016 or later, regardless of whether such inventory is held at a location or facility of Seller or any Affiliate (or of any other Person on behalf of Seller or any Affiliate, including in any of Seller’s warehouses, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors or consignees) or in transit to or from Seller or any Affiliate (or any such other Person).
Product Inventory means all raw materials utilized by Seller in the manufacture of the Products and related work-in-process inventory.
Product Inventory means, collectively, the quantity of natural gas, natural gas liquids and other products that are owned by the Acquired Companies (other than the Javelina Partnerships) and, to the extent of the Javelina Percentage Interest, the Javelina Partnerships as of the Effective Time, whether held in storage facilities, pipelines, fractionators or other facilities, including imbalances; but excluding line fill, tank bottoms, and cushion, pad and retainage products.

Examples of Product Inventory in a sentence

  • Tenants, as well as building owners, are required to have an up-to-date Hazardous Chemical or Use-Related Product Inventory.

  • It is the responsibility of every tenant to provide the Building Owner with an up-to-date Use-Related Product Inventory records for Pesticides only (for the purposes of this BEST Practice).

  • Product Inventory forms must be completed and submitted if requested by the Agency.

  • This refutes the notion that requiring a warrant or true emergency before pursuing a suspect into a home would hinder effective law enforcement.Amicus also suggests that a case-by-case approach to misdemeanor pursuit would “teach offenders that reaching home base means they are ‘home free.’” Br. 15.

  • This is not a BEST Practice requirement for Office, Enclosed Shopping Centres and Universal buildings.Tenants, as well as building owners, are required to have an up-to-date Hazardous Chemical or Use- Related Product Inventory.

More Definitions of Product Inventory

Product Inventory means all items of the Sellers’ inventory purchased, acquired or held exclusively for the Business, including materials, work-in-process at the Site, finished products manufactured at the Site, C4 and C5 Olefins, MTBE, methanol, crude and finished butadiene and catalysts or other products or chemicals used in the processing and manufacture of crude butadiene, C4 and C5 Olefins and MTBE, in each case (except with respect to work-in-process) wherever located, in transit, stored off-site or at the Site or in the Facilities.
Product Inventory means, as of the applicable determination time, (a) all of the Product that is in a finally packaged form for distribution to end users with all legally required warnings, labeling and packaging, (b) all active pharmaceutical ingredients, and (c) all work-in-progress materials (meaning bulk tablets and blisters) and raw materials (including raw materials utilized for the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (including precursors and starting material, excipients and reagents)) and components (including excipients, inserts, labels and packaging materials), in the case of each of clauses (a) through (c), Related to the Program Business and that is owned by Seller or one of its Affiliates. Notwithstanding the foregoing or anything to the contrary in this Agreement, Product Inventory shall not include any Excluded Inventory.
Product Inventory means all inventory of the Seller to the extent used or held for use primarily in the Business, including all finished goods, sub-assemblies, works in process and raw materials (if any), as of the Closing Date.
Product Inventory all inventory owned as of the Closing Date by the Company (including sample inventory) thereof of finished Company Product or works in progress or materials used in the manufacture of finished Company Product, whether held at a location or facility of the Company (or of any other Person on behalf of the Company) or in transit to or from the Company.
Product Inventory means the NX1838 and Product inventory, in bulk or finished form, which Gilead Controls as of the Effective Date, as identified in Exhibit C attached hereto.
Product Inventory means Inventory consisting of Product.