Certificate of Acceptance definition

Certificate of Acceptance means written certification, delivered to Contractor and signed by an authorized representative of the State, stating that any Defects in a particular Phase or the Solution discovered after implementation and testing have been corrected as required under this Contract, and that the Phase complies in all material respects with all of the applicable Requirements.
Certificate of Acceptance means the certificate issued by KPLC to the Contractor confirming that the Works have been completed as per the terms of the Contract.
Certificate of Acceptance means a certification, executed by a successful petitioner in a variance proceeding, in which the petitioner agrees to be bound by all terms and conditions that the Board has affixed to the grant of variance.

Examples of Certificate of Acceptance in a sentence

  • Work will be performed in accordance with the Certificate of Acceptance of Proposed Work.Verizon New York Inc.’s installation/upgrade should conform with the safety, functioning and appearance of the building in accord with the requirements of the New York State Public Service Commission law and regulations.

  • The Master Agreement, any Schedule, any Certificate of Acceptance, and any documents related thereto may be executed in any number of counterparts, each of which shall constitute an original, but all of which together shall constitute but one and the same document.

  • All deviations from the Functional Requirements identified by the City Project Manager arising from the Acceptance Tests, will be corrected by the Vendor at its cost and the Vendor will use diligent, commercially reasonable efforts to prevent the delay of the issuance of the applicable Certificate of Acceptance as more particularly set out in Schedule I [Acceptance Tests].

  • Upon completion of the Services, including completion of all Punch List items to the reasonable satisfaction of Contractor, Contractor shall issue a Certificate of Acceptance to Subcontractor, evidencing Contractor’s satisfaction and acceptance with respect to the Services.

  • District shall acknowledge final inspection and completion of the Project by executing a Certificate of Acceptance approved by the governing board ("Project Completion"), and recording a Notice of Completion.

More Definitions of Certificate of Acceptance

Certificate of Acceptance has the meaning set out in Clause 8.3.
Certificate of Acceptance means the certificate issued by MTNL to the Contractor upon completion of the acceptance tests of the Equipment/works.
Certificate of Acceptance or “COA” means a certificate in a form acceptable to IBM, and signed by Customer, denoting Customer’s acceptance of the Products and authorizing IBM to pay Supplier;
Certificate of Acceptance means a certificate of acceptance, in form and substance satisfactory to KEF, executed and delivered by Borrower in accordance with Section 3 hereof.
Certificate of Acceptance means a Certificate of Acceptance, in substantially the form set forth as Exhibit B hereto, whereby Borrower acknowledges receipt in good condition of particular items of Equipment identified therein and confirms the date of delivery thereof and certain other matters.
Certificate of Acceptance means an official form, issued by someone authorized by the department, which certifies that the following conditions have been met:
Certificate of Acceptance means a certificate in the form provided by IGF, and signed by Client, denoting acceptance of the Products following delivery and authorising settlement of the Supplier invoice;