Deduct Sample Clauses

Deduct. 12.1 If the Borrower fails to repay the debts due under this Contract (including those declared due immediately) as agreed, the Borrower agrees that the Lender shall deduct the corresponding amount from all domestic and foreign currency accounts opened by the borrower for repayment until all debts of the Borrower under this Contract are fully repaid.
Deduct. Employees shall be allowed to be absent from work without pay during their regular work hours only if the employee has received prior approval from his/her immediate supervisor and the Superintendent. Request must be made in writing, on the form provided, and must be approved 48 hours in advance of the requested absence except in emergency situations with the approval of the supervisor. Employees will not be granted days off without pay immediately preceding or immediately following any other type of leave or school holiday or vacation. Employees who are absent without pay, with prior approval, shall have their salary reduced by the appropriate amount on the next regularly scheduled payroll date. Employees who are absent without leave/pay without prior approval (except in emergency situations) shall be subject to disciplinary action. Employees who are absent without pay for five (5) or more days, with prior approval, under this article shall have deducted a prorated portion of their medical insurance coverage for each of the days off. This deduction will be made on the next payroll date.
Deduct. 10.1 In the event that the Borrower has not fully repaid the loan due, the Lender shall have right to deduct the same amount from the Borrower’s bank account in ICBC until the entire loan due has been paid off.
Deduct. Cash advances made to the Company by Parent, its subsidiaries and affiliates, on the understanding that cash advances used for expenses will be included in the calculation of Adjusted Cumulative EBITDA, and cash advances used for capital assets, reserve requirements and the like will be balance sheet items and not included in the calculation of Adjusted Cumulative EBITDA.
Deduct. Absences not covered by leave provisions will result in a salary deduction at the employee’s regular daily compensation rate.
Deduct. (1) amounts representing any applicable taxes, governmental charges or other charges pursuant to Section 3.03 payable out of the Trust Fund and for which no deductions shall have previously been made for the purpose of addition to the Reserve Account,
Deduct. (143,980.00) Provide Scan/Label on Full Case Line............Add............56,981.00 Combine QC and No-Read Line ....................Deduct........(21,893.00) Add One Trailer Loader..........................Add............23,787.00 TOTAL SYSTEM...................................$1,856,451.00 Above pricing excludes freight and taxes. The following revised payment schedule reflects the changes you requested: *DATE INVOICE *DATE PAYMENT RECEIVED BY RECEIVED BY PURCHASER INVOICE VALUE RAPISTAN SYSTEMS --------- ------------- ---------------- Down Payment (With P.O.) $464,113.00 With Order Month 1 268,921.00 Net 30 Days Month 2 240,218.00 Net 30 Days Month 3 236,710.00 Net 30 Days Month 4 230,860.00 Net 30 Days Month 5 195,594.00 Net 30 Days Month 6 127,212.00 Net 30 Days Retainer (Installation Complete) 92,823.00 Upon Receipt ------------ TOTAL $1,856,451.00 We have also provided responses to your contractual questions:
Deduct. Excess Eligible Caremark Vendor AR (20% of Total Eligible)