Capital Assets Sample Clauses

Capital Assets. 26.1 During the useful life of a Capital Asset, and notwithstanding the termination or expiry of this Agreement, no Capital Asset shall be sold, charged, loaned, or otherwise disposed of or cease to be used for the purposes of the Project without our prior written consent and such consent (if given) may be conditional on repayment to us of the relevant part of the Grant and shall be subject to clause 27 (GLA Interest in Capital Assets).
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Capital Assets. Capital assets means tangible or in- tangible assets used in operations hav- ing a useful life of more than one year which are capitalized in accordance with GAAP. Capital assets include:
Capital Assets. The parties hereby acknowledge that TDCJ and the CMHCC’s University Providers are each subject to the provisions of Texas Government Code Chapter 403, Subchapter L. The parties further acknowledge that each entity is responsible for compliance with the rules and procedures for accounting for state property promulgated by the Comptroller of Public Accounts pursuant to that law, including the proper recording of Capital Assets on the State Property Accounting (SPA) System. The parties agree to abide by Capital Asset value limitations and definitions established for the State Property Accounting System and nothing in this Agreement changes the reporting thresholds established by the SPA System.
Capital Assets. State property that has an estimated life of greater than one year and are recorded as capital assets in the State Property Accounting (“SPA”) system.
Capital Assets. Capital assets are tangible assets of significant value having a useful life that extends beyond the current year and are broadly classified as land, buildings and improvements, and equipment. Land cannot be depreciated. All other capital assets with an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more shall be capitalized. Acquisition cost means the net invoice unit price of an item, including shipping costs and sales taxes, the cost of any modifications, attachments, accessories, or auxiliary apparatus necessary to make it usable for the purpose for which it was acquired. Capital asset purchases shall be approved by the CONTRACTOR’S Board of Directors or their authorized representative. Capital assets shall not be ordered, or purchased during the last three months of the term of the CONTRACTOR’S Agreement with the COUNTY, unless the acquisition is pre-approved by the COUNTY.
Capital Assets. Upon termination of this Agreement the Retail Service Assets in the City and Parchment shall be the property of the City. The Retail Service Assets in the Townships shall be the property of the Township in which the asset is located. Upon termination of this Agreement the Wholesale Service Assets shall become shared assets of the City and the Townships which shall not be separated or divided but used for the benefit of all Customers unless the City and the Townships agree otherwise by separate agreement. The City and/or Township(s) in which Retail Service Assets are located shall assume all debt directly related to that Retail Service Asset. The City and the Townships shall each assume a portion of the debt associated with the Wholesale Service Assets which become shared Assets of the City and the Townships in a manner that, as closely as practicable reflects the City Customers and Township Customers’ proportional use of the Public Water Supply System applying the applicable share of Assets/Costs Methodology defined in Section 8.5 of this Agreement to and between the City Customers and the Township Customers (not to the Customer Classes as described in Section 8.5).
Capital Assets. The Contractor agrees that any capital assets purchased on behalf of RIDOH on a pass-through basis and used on behalf of RIDOH by the Contractor shall upon payment by RIDOH, become the property of RIDOH unless otherwise agreed to by the parties and may be utilized by the Contractor in a reasonable manner. Capital assets are defined as any item having a life expectancy of greater than one (1) year and an initial cost of greater than five thousand dollars ($5,000) per unit, except greater than five hundred dollars ($500) per unit for computer equipment. Upon written request by RIDOH, the Contractor agrees to execute and deliver to RIDOH a security interest in such capital assets in the amount of the value of such capital asset (or for a lesser amount as determined by RIDOH).
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Capital Assets. The Recipient is not required to report capital asset expenditures to the Province. However, the Recipient will maintain a separate record of capital asset expenditures for audit purposes in accordance with Article 7.2 of the Agreement.
Capital Assets. All equipment purchased with CKU funds which costs more than USD 300 should be recorded in a fixed asset register., which at al times should be updated. All capital assets must be, as far as possible, adequately insured against theft, loss and damage. If a partner feels that any regulation is inappropriate or difficult to comply with given their situation, the matter should be discussed with the Danish organisation so that appropriate procedures can be developed and agreed upon.
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