The Letter of Acceptance definition

The Letter of Acceptance means the issue of a signed letter by the Employer of its intention to accept the offer of successful bidder and awarding the work mentioning the total Contract Value.
The Letter of Acceptance means communication by the Authority conveying intention of accepting the offer.

Examples of The Letter of Acceptance in a sentence

  • The Letter of Acceptance will be deemed to have been duly received on the second working day after the day of posting.

  • The Letter of Acceptance and its acceptance by the bidder will constitute the formation of the Contract, binding the Employer and the Bidder till signing of the formal Contract Agreement.

  • The Letter of Acceptance will be sent to the Contractor in two copies one of which he should return promptly, duly signed and stamped.

  • The Letter of Acceptance will be a binding Contract between the Employer and the Contractor till the formal Contract Agreement is executed.

  • The Letter of Acceptance will constitute a binding Agreement, prior to the Tenderer signing the Contract Agreement.

  • The Letter of Acceptance will constitute the formation of the Contract.

  • The Letter of Acceptance to the successful bidder shall be uploaded on procurement portal which can be downloaded by the successful bidder.

  • PositionStandard Form: Letter of Acceptance [letterhead paper of the Employer] Notes on Standard Form of Letter of Acceptance The Letter of Acceptance will be the basis for formation of the Contract as described in Clauses 31 and 32 of the Instructions to Bidders.

  • The Letter of Acceptance/ Quotations shall be issued based on the availability in case of notional lots.

  • The Letter of Acceptance shall specify the sum that the Purchaser will pay the Supplier in consideration of the execution and completion of the Contract (hereinafter and in the Conditions of Contract and Contract Forms called “the Contract Price”).

Related to The Letter of Acceptance

  • Letter of Acceptance means the letter of formal acceptance, signed by the contractor. Procuring Entity, including any annexed memoranda comprising agreements between and signed by both Parties.

  • Letter of Acceptance (LOA) means the written notice issued by JMRC to the selected bidder(s) intimating the acceptance of selected bidder's Proposal for the award of Lease;

  • Letter of Acceptance of Tender means letter giving intimation to the tenderer that his tender has been accepted in accordance with the provisions contained in that letter.

  • Certificate of Acceptance means written certification, delivered to Contractor and signed by an authorized representative of the State, stating that any Defects in a particular Phase or the Solution discovered after implementation and testing have been corrected as required under this Contract, and that the Phase complies in all material respects with all of the applicable Requirements.

  • Notice of Acceptance means the written notification and any accompanying documentation sent to the Consultant by the Principal advising acceptance of its Tender to provide the Services under the Contract.

  • Confirmation of Acceptance shall have the meaning specified in paragraph 2B(5).

  • Acceptance Letter means the letter from Adviser to BD pursuant to which the Adviser appoints BD as a Broker Dealer for each series of MuniPreferred issued by any Fund that has executed a Request Letter.

  • Form of Acceptance means the Form of formal acceptance, signed by the Procuring Entity, of the Form of Tender, including any annexed memoranda comprising agreements between and signed by both Parties. If there is no such Form of acceptance, the expression “Form of Acceptance” means the Contract Agreement and the date of issuing or receiving the Form of Acceptance means the date of signing the Contract Agreement.

  • Letter of RFP means the letter of invitation being sent by the Procuring Entity to the Consultants.

  • Date of Acceptance means the date, which appears on the Notice of Acceptance and if no date appears is the date on which the Principal sent the Notice of Acceptance accepting the Contractor’s Tender.

  • Addenda/Addendum means supplemental additions, deletions, and modifications to the provisions of the RFP after the release date of the RFP.

  • Rental agreement or "lease agreement" means all agreements, written or oral, and valid rules and

  • Letter of Agreement means a written document that informally resolves a

  • Assignment and Acceptance Agreement means an assignment and acceptance agreement entered into by a Lender, an Eligible Assignee and the Administrative Agent, and, if required, the Borrower, pursuant to which such Eligible Assignee may become a party to this Agreement, in substantially the form of Exhibit C hereto.

  • Disbursement Instruction Agreement means an agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit B to be executed and delivered by the Borrower pursuant to Section 6.1.(a), as the same may be amended, restated or modified from time to time with the prior written approval of the Administrative Agent.

  • UK Addendum means the International Data Transfer Addendum issued by the UK Information Commissioner under section 119A(1) of the Data Protection Act 2018 currently found at xxxxx:// organisations/documents/4019539/international-data-transfer-addendum.pdf, as may be amended, superseded, or replaced.

  • Notice of Guaranteed Delivery means the notice of guaranteed delivery in the form printed on green paper accompanying the Offer to Purchase and Circular;

  • IITK Purchase Order means the IITK’s official Purchase Order document;

  • Delivery Instructions means the instructions set out in the Contract for the provision of the Goods and Services, including any other information the Authority considers appropriate to the provision of the Goods and Services.

  • Letter of Undertaking means the letter of undertaking from, amongst others, the Issuer and its Managing Directors to the Initial Purchaser, Investment Manager and the Trustee.

  • Auto-Extension Letter of Credit has the meaning specified in Section 2.03(b)(iii).

  • Technical Agreement means any technical or quality agreements signed by You (or Your Affiliate) and RB (or RB’s Affiliates) specifying technical and quality responsibilities in respect of the Output entered into prior to the date of the Order.

  • Request for Letter of Credit means a written request for a Letter of Credit substantially in the form of Exhibit D, together with the standard form of application for letter of credit used by the applicable Issuing Bank, signed by a Senior Officer of the applicable Borrower and properly completed to provide all information required to be provided therein.

  • Instruction Letter means written instructions in a form acceptable to NCPS and executed by Issuer Party with Issuer Party directing NCPS to promptly disburse the Escrow Funds to Issuer pursuant to Section 4(a).

  • Irrevocable letter of credit means an irrevocable letter on the financial institution’s standard form containing a request that the party to whom it is addressed pay the bearer or a person named therein money as a result of failure to perform or fulfill all the covenants, undertakings, terms, conditions and agreements contained in a contract.

  • Acknowledgment Agreement The document, substantially in the form of Exhibit B, to be executed by the Owner and the Servicer on or prior to each Closing Date which document shall amend the Mortgage Loan Schedule attached as Exhibit A hereto to reflect the addition of Mortgage Loans to such Exhibit A and which document reflects the addition of Mortgage Loans which are subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.