Common Carrier Sample Clauses

Common Carrier a. Applicable to contracts with a common carrier – firm/person/corporation that as a regular business transports people or commodities from place to place. If applicable, Contractor must also fill out and return PUR 1808 before contract execution] If Contractor is a common carrier pursuant to section 908.111(1)(a), Florida Statutes, the Department will terminate this contract immediately if Contractor is found to be in violation of the law or the attestation in PUR 1808.
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Common Carrier. An employee who does not utilize the arrangements determined by Company under the provisions of Sections 201.7, 201.8(a) or 201.9 shall be reimbursed for travel expense at the minimum common carrier fare or its equivalent.
Common Carrier. In case of the unfortunate death or Permanent Total Disablement of the Insured Person due to an Accident while travelling in a Common Carrier, then we will pay the amount up to the limit specified in the Policy Schedule / Certificate of Insurance, provided that the Insured Person’s death or Permanent Total Disablement in accordance with Benefit 1 or 2 of section A occurs within 12 months from the date of that Accident. This cover will be in addition to the Sum Insured mentioned for Section A
Common Carrier. Each Carrier is a Common Carrier and is in compliance with all Laws applicable to Common Carriers.
Common Carrier. Teachers who travel long distance in the performance of their duties for the District or for other approved travel shall comply with the following when purchasing fare on a common carrier (air, rail, bus, other):
Common Carrier. APLD and Customer agree that APLD is acting solely as a common carrier in its capacity of providing the Service hereunder and is not a publisher of any material or information. Furthermore, APLD has no right or ability to censor materials or information traversed through APLD’s networks.
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Common Carrier. It is understood that Transporter is a common carrier and, accordingly, notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Agreement, the shipments made by Customer on the Connecting Pipeline shall be subject to the Rules Tariff.
Common Carrier. Neither the Parent nor any of its Subsidiaries is subject to regulation as a common carrier or contract carrier or any similar classification by the Interstate Commerce Commission or under the laws of any state, or is subject to regulation under any other federal, state or local statute which limits its ability to incur Indebtedness.
Common Carrier. MojoHost and Customer agree that MojoHost (1) is solely acting as a common carrier in its capacity of providing services under this agreement, (2) is not a publisher of any material or information, and (3) has no right to edit or censor the material at the servers in use by Customer. MojoHost is not responsible nor preapproves any of Customer’s customer content. MojoHost will consider all material Customer submits for publication publicly accessible. MojoHost does not screen in advance Customer’s material submitted to MojoHost for publication. MojoHost’s publication of material submitted by Customer does not create any express or implied approval by MojoHost of this material, nor does it indicate that this material complies with the terms of this agreement.
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