Colors Sample Clauses

Colors a. The Design-Builder, its subcontractors, and materials suppliers shall cooperate in furnishing required samples to aid in color selections. Where custom colors are selected by the Architect, furnish accurate reproductions of these colors on materials of same type to be used in the Work, for review. Colors and materials shall match the Architect’s samples.
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Colors. No bright or vivid green, blue, red or yellow siding shall be allowed on any residence or garage. The Architectural Review Committee shall have final approval of any shades of the aforementioned colors.
Colors. The following guidelines are to be adhered to in selecting colors for tenant signage: - sign colors should be selected to provide sufficient contrast against building background colors - colors within each sign should be harmoniously blended - sign colors should be compatible with building background colors - color of letter returns should contrast with face colors for good daytime readability - interior of open channel letters should be painted dark when against light backgrounds - neon colors should complement related signage elements All sign colors are subject to review and approval by the Owner as part of the tenant sign submittal. EXHIBIT J -12- PEREGRINE SYSTEMS CORPORATE CENTER [Peregrine Systems] CARMEL CENTER SIGN GUIDELINES AND CRITERIA -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Colors. The colors of the shirts will be as follows:  Public Services and Business and Internal Services—Two (2) colors for T-shirts: (seven (7) shirts of light or dark shades of blue or gray, short or long sleeve or a combination). The employee may have a choice of seven (7) T-shirts or two (2) polo shirts. At this time, no change in the colors of laundered uniform shirts.  Community Services (all others)—Tan shirt and T-shirt (7). Colors for T-shirts: tan (seven (7) shirts of short or long sleeve or a combination). At this time, no change in the colors of the laundered uniform.  Finance and Administrative Services—Dark blue shirt and T-shirt (7 shirts of short or long sleeve or a combination). Employees may wear a T-shirt previously issued or approved by the City.
Colors. When reproduced in full color, the following colors should be used: Orange Pantone 136C CMYK: 0/28/86/0 RGB: 255/191/59 Web: #ffbf3b Black CMYK: 0/0/0/100 RGB: 0/0/0 Web: #000000 White CMYK: 0/0/0/0 RGB: 255/255/255 Web: #FFFFFF Pantone 3115C CMYK 74/0/17/0 RGB 0/191/214 Web #00bfd6 Pantone 485C CMYK 5/98/100/0 RGB 226/35/26 Web #e2231a Black and White Logo Black and white usage of a Xxxx should appear as follows: Reversed Logos If a Xxxx is to appear on black or dark background in black and white, the reverse version of the Xxxx is to be used as indicated below: Reversed logo (color): Reversed black and white logo: Reversed black and white logo: Logos with Snap-­‐‑ons If a Snap-­‐‑on is to be used, usage should be as follows: Regular logo: Reversed logo (color): Black and white logo: Reversed black and white logo: Clear Space Requirements To ensure its integrity, the FIDO Alliance logo must be surrounded by an isolation zone as illustrated below. This clear space isolates the logo from competing graphic elements such as other logos, copy, photography or background patterns that may divert attention. The minimum clear space should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.
Colors. All buildings shall be finished in colors which will blend with the environment.
Colors. The buildings of the Condominium will use suitable colors approved in advance and in writing by the Administration. c) Materials: Top quality materials. will be used in the buildings, particularly the exterior walls will be made of concrete, dry wall or any other material approved by the Administration as stated, except for metal partition walls which wil not be allowed as a primary element., only in specific sections, for expansion purposes or as an architectural accent. d)
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Colors. Base prices shall include the manufacturer's standard solid colors. Exterior: White Interior: Preference to Tan or Gray if an option is available.
Colors. Each discipline shall retain a color to be used throughout the coordination process to assist in system identification and outlined in the BEP.
Colors. No exterior colors on any Structure shall be permitted that would, in the judgment of the ARB, be inharmonious or discordant or incongruous with the Development. The initial exterior color of Structures and any later changes thereto must be approved in writing by the ARB in advance.
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