Building facade definition

Building facade means an exterior building wall facing a street and any other building wall, which does not face a street, but through which the main entrance for the public passes and which faces a parking lot;
Building facade means that portion of any exterior elevation of a building extending from grade to the top of the parapet, wall or eaves and encompassing the entire width of the building.
Building facade means an exterior building wall facing a street and any other building wall which does not face a street but contains the main entrance for the public; (0438- 2003, 0203-2017)

Examples of Building facade in a sentence

  • Streetscreens shall be between three and a half (3.5) and eight (8) feet in Height and constructed of a material matching the adjacent Building Façade or of masonry, wrought iron or aluminum.

More Definitions of Building facade

Building facade means an exterior BUILDING WALL facing a STREET, facing a parking area located on the same LOT and/or any other BUILDING WALL having a main pedestrian entrance.
Building facade means the exterior walls of a building exposed to public view or that cannot be viewed by those within the building.
Building facade means the vertical exterior wall of a building including all vertical architectural features.
Building facade means that portion of a building which is parallel or nearly parallel to the abutting roadway.
Building facade means the front or principal face of a building. The total area of the building façade, including windows, doors, trim, etc., should beused when calculating the percentage requirements of this Code related to building façade.

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  • Building Drain means that part of the lowest horizontal piping of a drainage system which receives the discharge from soil, waste, and other drainage pipes inside the walls of the building and conveys it to the building sewer, beginning five (5) feet (1.5 meters) outside the inner face of the building wall.

  • Facade means the entire building wall including a parapet;

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