Exhibit J Sample Clauses

Exhibit J. The Separation Agreement is hereby amended by adding Exhibit B of this Amendment to the Separation Agreement as Exhibit J thereto.
Exhibit J. Seller Corporate Safety Plan Seller will maintain and adhere to a Seller Corporate Safety Plan at all times during the term of this Agreement. Such plan will be maintained, in writing, at Seller corporate headquarters and will include, without limitation programs with respect to: • Contractor Environmental Health & Safety Program • Contractor Environmental Health & Safety Program • Injury and Illness Prevention ProgramHeat Illness Prevention Program • Emergency Action and Fire Prevention PlanHazard Communication Program • Corporate Electrical Standard – Specific Electrical Safe Work Practices • Electrical Safety AwarenessLockout/TagoutFall Protection Program (Working at Heights) • Ladder Safety Program • Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT) • Hoist Safety Program • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) • Respiratory Protection Program • Hearing Conservation ProgramHand and/or Powered Tools Safety Program • Hot Work ProcessFirst Aid / CPR Program Exhibit K Subcontractor Quality Plan Seller will adhere to the following standards and processes as applicable when engaging subcontractors for performance under this Agreement. • General contractors will be subject to the terms and conditions set forth in The American Institute of Architects Document A107 – 2007 as amended in certain cases • General contractors are required to complete a Bloom Energy Contractor Qualification Training Program • General contractor superintendents and foremen must be certified and qualified by Seller to be on site • Standard safety protocols will be observed at all times: • Site superintendents are OSHA30 certified • Seller superintendents ensure general contractors follow all local and state OSHA and owner requirementsConfirmation of “Injury and Illness Prevention Program” • Seller included in the ISN program – 3rd party safety evaluation • A project superintendent assigned by Seller will review subcontractor work according to a standard site verification check list • Contractors will submit Contractor Quality Guarantees for each site providing written verification of points of assurance including torques per site, Megger testing and line flushing • Prestart verification conducted for all sites to review and confirm the quality of subcontractor work • Prior to commencement of operations, Seller conducts an “OK to Startmeeting during which subcontractor quality of work is reviewed and confirmed as resolvedAll incidents are logged in a database and reviewed on an on...
Exhibit J. Description of patent infringement charges, if any, and description of the resolution of any such charges resolved by judicial decree.
Exhibit J. Teaching Hourly The District agrees to pay hourly rate of pay for Summer School, After-School Tutoring, Substitute Teaching during preparation periods and other activities as negotiated. Exhibit K. Academic Decathlon The District agrees to employ a maximum of two coaches at each high school for coaching the Academic Decathlon teams from that high school. Exhibit L. Yearbook Advisor The stipend for yearbook taught during the workday is less than the stipend for yearbook advisor after school (no class). Exhibit M. Agriculture Incentive Stipend Ag. Incentive Stipend to be given to Agriculture teachers who do not receive 20 day per diem Ag. Incentive.
Exhibit J. Exhibit J hereto may be amended or supplemented from time to time by (i) written notice from Lender to Borrower of any such amendment or supplement or (ii) delivery by Lender to Borrower of a copy of Exhibit J as so amended or supplemented; PROVIDED that (a) such amendment or supplement relates to one or more credit and security agreements or other similar agreements among Lender, Borrower and Guarantor, and (b) such credit and security agreement relates to the financing of a certificate issued in connection with a SARR Reinsured Series, the spread account relating to which is crossed, pursuant to the related Spread Account Agreement or any other spread account agreement relating thereto, with the spread account of one or more of the Crossed Residual Financing Agreements listed on Exhibit J, whether at present so listed or hereafter added to Exhibit J. In addition, if Lender delivers changes to Exhibit J to any Other Residual Financing Agreement as provided therein, Exhibit J hereto shall automatically and without further action be amended by such changes; PROVIDED that such change relates to one or more credit and security agreements or other similar agreements among Lender, Borrower and Guarantor.
Exhibit J. Exhibit J (List of Transferring Affiliates, Chief Executive Offices of Transferring Affiliates and Tradenames) of the RPA is hereby deleted and replaced with the new Exhibit J attached hereto as Exhibit 1.