Commercial Transactions Sample Clauses

Commercial Transactions. The Security Trustee shall not, and no director, officer or employee of any corporation being a Security Trustee hereof shall by reason of the fiduciary position of the Security Trustee be in any way precluded from making any commercial contracts or entering into any commercial transactions with any party to the Funding Transaction Documents, whether directly or through any subsidiary or associated company, or from accepting the trusteeship of any other debenture stock, debentures or securities of any party to the Funding Transaction Documents, and without prejudice to the generality of these provisions, it is expressly declared that such contracts and transactions include any contract or transaction in relation to the placing, underwriting, purchasing, subscribing for or dealing with or lending monies upon or making payments in respect of or any stock, shares, debenture stock, debentures or other securities of any party to the Funding Transaction Documents or any contract of banking or insurance of any party to the Funding Transaction Documents and neither the Security Trustee nor any such director, officer or employee shall be accountable to any Funding Secured Creditor or to any party to the Funding Transaction Documents for any profit, fees, commissions, interest, discounts or share of brokerage earned, arising or resulting from any such contracts or transactions, and the Security Trustee and any such director, officer or employee shall also be at liberty to retain the same without accounting therefor.
Commercial Transactions. You should not use the Service to send money except to people that you know. We are not responsible for, the quality or delivery of goods or services that you pay for using the Service. You accept that using the Service to pay for goods and services is at your own risk.
Commercial Transactions. When you send a Commercial Transaction no Fees apply if no currency conversion is required.
Commercial Transactions. Each Note evidences a commercial transaction and each property encumbered by a Note Mortgage is either (i) a commercial property that is not used for residential purposes, or (ii) a residential property that is being encumbered as part of a commercial transaction.
Commercial Transactions. (VACANT SPACE ONLY) If Associate-Licensee represents either a buyer or a seller in a commercial transaction, the following commission fees will be charged by Broker, in lieu of standard residential fees: If purchase price is under $1,000,000, company fee will be 5% of the commission received by the agent. If the purchase price is over $1,000,000, the company fee will be 10% of the commission received by the agent. The transaction coordinator fee on a commercial transaction is $395 and the E&O fee is $250. Commercial leases will be charged a fee of 10% or $500.00 whichever is less or 5% max of $1,000 for commissions received over $10,000 with a transaction coordinator fee of $75.00.
Commercial Transactions. The Bond Trustee will not by reason of its fiduciary position hereunder be in any way precluded from:
Commercial Transactions. Commercial transactions concerning SYMPHONIX PRODUCTS shall be performed by SIEMENS in its own name and on its own account. However, product liability shall be borne by SYMPHONIX as per Section 11 of this AGREEMENT.
Commercial Transactions. The Service may not be used for commercial purposes and we neither extend any guaranty nor assume any responsibility for quality, safety, legality, or delivery of products or services that you may use that involve third parties through the Service. You agree that any commercial use of the Service is in violation of this User Agreement and is undertaken at your own risk. If UniTeller discovers you are using the Service for such impermissible purposes, UniTeller reserves the right to reject your Transaction(s) and terminate your right to use the Service at any time without notice or liability.
Commercial Transactions. The Company and/or its Affiliate(s) shall, in good faith, work together with the Purchaser and/or ‎its Affiliate(s) to evaluate cost saving synergies as well as other production efficiencies and shall ‎use best efforts to enter into definitive ‎agreements relating to the Commercial Transactions, to be effective prior to or as of the Closing Time.