Duties of the Iso Sample Clauses

Duties of the Iso. 3.1 The ISO shall comply with all Reliability Rules, including the Local Reliability Rules.
Duties of the Iso 

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  • DUTIES OF THE COMPANY The Company shall provide Consultant, on a regular and timely basis, with all approved data and information about it, its subsidiaries, its management, its products and services and its operations as shall be reasonably requested by Consultant, and shall advise Consultant of any facts which would affect the accuracy of any data and information previously supplied pursuant to this paragraph. The Company shall promptly supply Consultant with full and complete copies of all financial reports, all fillings with all federal and state securities agencies; with full and complete copies of all stockholder reports; with all data and information supplied by any financial analyst, and with all brochures or other sales materials relating to its products or services.

  • DUTIES OF THE ADVISOR The Advisor is responsible for managing, operating, directing and supervising the operations and administration of the Company and its assets. The Advisor undertakes to use its best efforts to present to the Company potential investment opportunities, to make investment decisions on behalf of the Company subject to the limitations in the Company’s Charter, the direction and oversight of the Board and Section 4.03 hereof, and to provide the Company with a continuing and suitable investment program consistent with the investment objectives and policies of the Company as determined and adopted from time to time by the Board. Subject to the limitations set forth in this Agreement, including Article 4 hereof, and the continuing and exclusive authority of the Board over the management of the Company, the Advisor shall, either directly or by engaging an Affiliate or third party, perform the following duties:

  • Duties of the Adviser The Adviser shall continue to have responsibility for all services to be provided to each Fund pursuant to the Advisory Agreement and shall oversee and review the Sub-Adviser’s performance of its duties under this Agreement; provided, however, that in connection with its management of the Assets, nothing herein shall be construed to relieve the Sub-Adviser of responsibility for compliance with the Trust’s Declaration of Trust (as defined herein), Prospectus, Compliance Policies and Procedures, the instructions and directions of the Board of Trustees of the Trust, the requirements of the 1940 Act, the Code, and all other applicable federal and state laws and regulations, as each is amended from time to time.

  • Duties of Officers Generally The Officers, in the performance of their duties as such, shall owe to the Company duties of loyalty and due care of the type owed by the officers of a corporation to such corporation and its stockholders under the laws of the State of Delaware.

  • Duties of the Servicer The Servicer is hereby authorized to act as agent for the Trust and in such capacity shall manage, service, administer and make collections on the Receivables, and perform the other actions required by the Servicer under this Agreement. The Servicer agrees that its servicing of the Receivables shall be carried out in accordance with customary and usual procedures of institutions which service motor vehicle retail installment sale contracts or promissory notes and, to the extent more exacting, the degree of skill and attention that the Servicer exercises from time to time with respect to all comparable motor vehicle receivables that it services for itself or others. In performing such duties, so long as GM Financial is the Servicer, it shall substantially comply with the Servicing Policies and Procedures. The Servicer’s duties shall include, without limitation, collecting and posting all payments, responding to inquiries of Obligors on the Receivables, investigating delinquencies, sending payment invoices to Obligors, reporting any required tax information to Obligors, monitoring the collateral, accounting for collections and furnishing monthly and annual statements to the Trust Collateral Agent and the Trustee with respect to distributions, and performing the other duties specified herein. The Servicer, or if GM Financial is no longer the Servicer, GM Financial, at the request of the Servicer, shall also administer and enforce all rights and responsibilities of the holder of the Receivables provided for in the Dealer Agreements (and shall maintain possession of the Dealer Agreements, to the extent it is necessary to do so), the Dealer Assignments and the Insurance Policies, to the extent that such Dealer Agreements, Dealer Assignments and Insurance Policies relate to the Receivables, the Financed Vehicles or the Obligors. To the extent consistent with the standards, policies and procedures otherwise required hereby, the Servicer shall follow its customary standards, policies, and procedures and shall have full power and authority, acting alone, to do any and all things in connection with such managing, servicing, administration and collection that it may deem necessary or desirable. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Servicer is hereby authorized and empowered by the Trust to execute and deliver, on behalf of the Trust, any and all instruments of satisfaction or cancellation, or of partial or full release or discharge, and all other comparable instruments, with respect to the Receivables and with respect to the Financed Vehicles; provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing, the Servicer shall not, except pursuant to an order from a court of competent jurisdiction, release an Obligor from payment of any unpaid amount under any Receivable or waive the right to collect the unpaid balance of any Receivable from the Obligor, except in accordance with the Servicer’s customary practices. The Servicer is hereby authorized to commence, in its own name or in the name of the Trust, a legal proceeding to enforce a Receivable pursuant to Section 4.3 or to commence or participate in any other legal proceeding (including, without limitation, a bankruptcy proceeding) relating to or involving a Receivable, an Obligor or a Financed Vehicle. If the Servicer commences or participates in such a legal proceeding in its own name, the Trust shall thereupon be deemed to have automatically assigned such Receivable to the Servicer solely for purposes of commencing or participating in any such proceeding as a party or claimant, and the Servicer is authorized and empowered by the Trust to execute and deliver in the Servicer’s name any notices, demands, claims, complaints, responses, affidavits or other documents or instruments in connection with any such proceeding. The Trust Collateral Agent and the Owner Trustee shall furnish the Servicer with any limited powers of attorney and other documents which the Servicer may reasonably request and which the Servicer deems necessary or appropriate and take any other steps which the Servicer may deem necessary or appropriate to enable the Servicer to carry out its servicing and administrative duties under this Agreement. As set forth in Section 9.3, in the event the Servicer fails to perform its obligations hereunder, the successor Servicer shall be responsible for the Servicer’s duties in this Agreement as if it were the Servicer, provided that the successor Servicer shall not be liable for the Servicer’s breach of its obligations.