Checklist Sample Clauses

Checklist. The Service will be able to respond more quickly to a VCP request if the request is carefully prepared and complete. The checklist in Appendix C is designed to assist Plan Sponsors and their representatives in preparing a submission that contains the information and documents required under this revenue procedure. The checklist in Appendix C must be completed, signed, and dated by the Plan Sponsor or the Plan Sponsor's representative, and should be placed on top of the submission. A photocopy of this checklist may be used.
Checklist. The Human Resource Services Division will make available to unit members returning from long-term leave a checklist of procedural requirements necessary to return to paid service.
Checklist. Prior to issuing a Certificate of Substantial Completion, the A/E shall, with the assistance of the PM and HISD, prepare a checklist of incomplete work and work which does not conform to the Contract Documents. This list shall be attached to the Certificate of Substantial Completion and submitted to the GC to complete the Work, with copies forwarded to the PM and HISD.
Checklist. For enrollment to be complete, The Xxxxxxx School must have the following before your child’s first day of attendance: Enrollment and Tuition Policy Agreement Child’s Immunization Record
Checklist. New Students must have the following to enroll as a student in a college class: Application COF Verification Qualifying ACT or Accuplacer Scores This Agreement and Registration Form completed with ALL Signatures Returning Student must complete this form and have met all course pre-requisites to re-enroll as a Concurrent Enrollment Student. Subject Course Number Title Credit Hours Counselor Initials MAT 121 College Algebra (EXAMPLE) 4 ASW
Checklist. Be sure to complete, sign, date, review, and submit all of the required documents. Failure to do so will delay processing until your application packet is complete. It is the applicant’s responsibility to allow sufficient mailing time in order for complete applications to be received at ISAC on or before the due date of March 1, 2023. ISAC is not responsible for misdirected or illegible applications.
Checklist. The following is a list of documentation required for processing of this application:
Checklist. In order to successfully complete your proposed course of study it is essential that you:  negotiate and sign a contract with your supervisor(s )  keep in regular contact with supervisor(s) as arranged  advise supervisor if xxxxxx or unable to attend meetings  attend School Research Seminars (if local to Palmerston North)  begin writing immediately and hand work to supervisors before individual meetings for feedback  keep a thorough and complete Bibliography from the commencement date  back all your computer files  see supervisor(s) if personal or interpersonal strains and problems occur, at the first occurrence of the difficulty. If the problem is unresolved see the Graduate Coordinator for the School {name}. Before you sign this contract check that you are familiar with/have completed the following: A tentative title for your dissertation A research proposal has been approved You/supervisor have adequately discussed supervisory arrangements You/supervisor have outlined a timeline for the research You/supervisor have agreed upon dates for supervision You/supervisor have discussed responsibilities and expectations You/supervisor have clarified other support options You are aware of the academic processes of the School You are aware of the resources available in the School You are clear about ethical considerations, access to data sources, publication issues, the implications of research etc You are clear about the examination processes for your degree Signed Student Signed Supervisor Signed Supervisor
Checklist. A checklist of up-to-date pages will be prepared and kept current for the benefit of the user. The checklist of up-to-date pages is a list of each page in the Code and the most current Supplement from which it is derived. The checklist allows instant determination of whether the user is relying on a page reflecting current ordinances.
Checklist. With respect to each project, Landlord will provide Tenant with a checklist listing the items required to be furnished to Landlord in connection with the proposed work. Tenant shall furnish to Landlord prior to, during, or upon completion of Tenant's Work, as applicable, each of the items specified in the checklist attached hereto as Attachment 1.