Paying Bank definition

Paying Bank means the account holding bank of the accounts, from which the funds are debited in the interbank fund transfers transaction;
Paying Bank refers to the financial institution on which a check is drawn and through which it is payable.
Paying Bank means the United States Financial Institution ordered in an Item to make payment to the payee(s) named on the Item.

Examples of Paying Bank in a sentence

  • We reserve the right to charge back to your Account, at any time, any item that we subsequently determine was not an Eligible Item or any item that is returned by the Paying Bank.

More Definitions of Paying Bank

Paying Bank in respect of a CITS Item shall mean a CITS participant to whom an Article is drawn.
Paying Bank means the United States financial institution ordered in an Item to make payment to the payee(s) named on the Item.
Paying Bank means a financial institution which credits the funds remitted to the payee account or pays the same to the payee.
Paying Bank means the entity engaged by the Issuer to make the payments ordered by Monte Titoli, handled as part of the Corporate Events Support Service;
Paying Bank means the Bank who is obliged to pay the beneficiary the amount/sum of monies instructed by one to another party.
Paying Bank means the bank or building society at which a Direct Debit Instruction is lodged for a payer of a Direct Debit and that raises an instruction or other message to advise of amendments or cancellations in relation to the Direct Debit Instruction;
Paying Bank means the commercial Bank acceptable to the Association selected under terms and conditions satisfactory to the Association selected to facilitate the payment to Internal Debt creditors of the Internal Debt Tranches.