Goods and Services Tax Sample Clauses

Goods and Services Tax. You shall be responsible for all goods and services tax and all other taxes imposed on or payable in respect of any amount required to be paid under this Agreement. We may debit the amount of such tax to your Card Account.
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Goods and Services Tax. 4.2.1 In addition to the Rent and other monies payable under this Agreement, the Tenant shall pay to the Landlord immediately on demand:
Goods and Services Tax. Service Fees are not to include any “goods and services tax” so long as AHS is exempted from paying such taxes.
Goods and Services Tax. 11.1 In this clause 11:
Goods and Services Tax. (a) Definitions In this clause:
Goods and Services Tax. Waiver of Tax Invoice Requirement (Corporate Card Statements) Legislative Instrument (No.1) 2008; and
Goods and Services Tax. (1) Unless this Agreement expressly provides otherwise:
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Goods and Services Tax. (a) Subject to clause 13.3(b), all amounts referred to in this agreement which are relevant in determining a payment to be made by one party to another are exclusive of GST unless specifically indicated otherwise.
Goods and Services Tax. (1) The Borrower will during the continuance of this security at all times pay all goods and services tax as well as any penalties due and payable to the relevant government authorities (collectively known as the "GST") in respect of the Property, interest, loan, facilities, costs fees and expenses payable herein and all moneys and liabilities whether contingent or otherwise hereby secured or covenanted to be paid and will at all times on demand in writing produce to the Lender the receipt for every such payment and if default shall at anytime be made by the Borrower in payment of the GST it shall be lawful (but not obligatory) for the Lender to pay and discharge the same and thereupon all such payments expended by the Lender together with interest at the Default Interest Rate from the date of payment thereof by the Lender to the date of repayment by the Borrower shall on demand be repaid to the Lender by the Borrower and until such repayment shall be a charge upon the Property and the Property shall not be redeemed until full repayment of all such payments expended as aforesaid; and
Goods and Services Tax. 18.1 Consideration does not include GST Unless specifically described as 'GST inclusive', any payment or consideration under this agreement does not include GST.
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