Open Spaces Sample Clauses

Open Spaces. Students who do not have an assigned roommate are required to keep the open space cleared and ready for a roommate at any time. There may be circumstances where there is little to no warning given as to when a roommate will move in. Students who do not keep this open space cleared and ready for a roommate may be disciplined under the Student Code of Conduct.
Open Spaces the Allottee agree that all the common roads, gardens, open passages, lounge, pathways, corridors and all other facilities etc. and the furniture and equipment provided therein in the complete complex shall become of the sole and exclusive property of the association of allottees on transfer the said common area and facilities by NAKSHATRA DEVCON LLP to association of allottees after obtaining completion certificate and no right of ownership, management, developments etc. will be passed on to allottee. The Allottee also agree that he/she/they shall be allowed the use of common facility buildings, articles etc., in accordance with the terms and conditions and subject to the special charges as prescribed by the association of allottees only. the Allottee individually or jointly shall raise no claim/objection over them.
Open Spaces. That the allottee at any time cannot raise the porch finished level of their premises above 4 inch from the RCC Road top and thus, the ramp in no circumstances shall be more than 2ft. in width in entire gate line.
Open Spaces. You agree that all the roof tops, common roads, gardens, open/common parking areas buildings, sheds, verandah, passages, lounge, pathways, corridors and all other facilities etc. and the furniture and equipment provided therein in the complete complex are and will always remain our sole and exclusive property and no right of ownership, management, developments etc. will be passed on to you. The use of such buildings, articles etc., will be allowed to you in accordance with the terms and conditions and subject to the special charges as prescribed by us. You individually or jointly shall raise no claim/objection over there.
Open Spaces. The Developer agrees to the following:
Open Spaces. Any parks and open spaces within this Plan or the vicinity may or may not include future facilities for active and/or passive recreational use. The decision will be at the sole discretion of the Town of Ajax. Farm Warning: Purchasers are advised that farming operations exist nearby which operations may produce nuisances such as noises and odours. Purchasers shall not complain, object or seek legal action against the operators or owners of the farm operations as a result of nuisances, noise or odours resulting from normal farming practices.
Open Spaces a. Open spaces under stairs must be kept free of all rubbish and shall not be used as storerooms. (Fan, boiler, and electrical rooms shall not be used as store rooms).
Open Spaces. As part of the 2016 development submission, a large area of public parkland was proposed between the existing school and Tufts Cove to create a stronger link between the school and the water. HRM’s department of Parks & Recreation requested relocation of the park space to the same block as the existing Xxxxxxx Xxxx school. CLC agreed with this comment and this revised submission re-locates the public park to lands immediately east of the school site. This change will allow students to access the park without the need to cross a road. Private mixed-use development is proposed to occur where the park was previously proposed. CLC is committed to investing in the infrastructure and amenities that would make up this square and turn ownership over to HRM to allow it to truly be a public space. This is the typical process that CLC follows for parks and public spaces within their developments. HRM staff have indicated that they would require a further study regarding open space and recreation amenities. CLC does not feel that this is warranted. The proposal includes significant lands along the waterfront, park space, a public plaza, and an extensive off-road trail system for active transportation and recreational use. Parkland dedication significantly exceeds Subdivision Bylaw requirements. CLC has also constructed and operates the Canada 150 Trail and Lookout, which has been designed and constructed as part of CLC’s open space strategy for Xxxxxxx Xxxx. TRANSPORTATION NETWORK Xxxxxxx Xxxx is currently poorly serviced by Halifax Transit. The proposed development intends to introduce 3,000 new units into the community, further increasing the demand for efficient access to transit. Harbourside Transportation Consultants (HTC) and Design Point Engineering & Surveying Ltd. were retained by CLC to prepare a Traffic Impact Study (TIS) for the site. Recommendations in that report led to this submission’s updated preferred concept which includes a roundabout on Princess Xxxxxxxx Boulevard. The updated preferred concept also includes an urban street grid that prioritizes pedestrians and Active Transportation opportunities through a “transit hub”. The proposed transit route through the development will connect Windmill Road to Baffin Boulevard with stops integrated along the way, including a “transit hub” as suggested by HRM. Previous HRM comments (March 2017) suggested a direct route through the community would be preferred. We disagree with this comment and believe two tu...
Open Spaces. The open space areas shown on the Condominium Subdivision Plan, including landscaped open space, natural feature and/or buffer areas, and the wetlands and natural feature areas located therein.
Open Spaces. ➢ Children’s play and young people’s leisure ➢ Events and festivals that contribute to a vibrant and cosmopolitan city culture and who wish to collaborate with us in one or more of our key outcome areas: ➢ Making York More Eventful: Enjoying, participating in, and taking the lead in cultural events and activitiesEngaging in Learning: Developing creative expression and talent, becoming more informed and acquiring skills for life ➢ Being Healthy: Enjoying good physical and mental health and having an active lifestyle ➢ Making a positive Contribution: Being involved with the life of the city and its many communities ➢ Taking Pride and Pleasure in the Environment: Appreciating and understanding the city and its surroundings ➢ Economic Well-being: Enjoying the economic benefits of a thriving cultural sector ➢ Staying Safe: Being protected from harm and neglect ➢ Infrastructure Planning: Improving the quality of the city’s cultural infrastructure We only fund organisations who are open to all sections of the community (any membership schemes must not deter use by the wider community). Organisations must be primarily for the benefit of York residents. They must be working towards a policy of equality that enables access for people with physical or mental impairments and of different cultures and gender. Funding is limited and eligible applications will be prioritised according to the extent to which they: ➢ Provide programmes which support our current priorities for external purchasing ➢ Deliver new activity or provision, e.g. developing a new approach or a new piece of work ➢ Meet clearly identified need ➢ Actively increase participation, particularly amongst the target groups: o Children and young people (5-24) o Older people o People with mental or physical impairments o People of low incomes o People of different cultures