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Channels. The Engineer may instruct that the Contractor provides open channels in place of existing subdrains where the latter may be damaged or in any other place. The rates entered by the Contractor in the bills of quantities must include for removal and disposal of any subdrain material, excavation to line and level, backfilling and compaction as directed by the engineer. The channels shall be constructed of precast class 20/20 concrete of minimum 80mm thickness and lengths or widths not exceeding 1000mm. Joints shall be at least 15mm wide filled with 1:2 cement sand mortar.
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Channels. 2.1 The Channels assigned by the Distributor to the Network User may or may not be for the exclusive use of the Network User.
Channels. The product is sold directly to the different customers. Customer Segments The customers are primarily assisted living facilities that can distribute items to their residents. The same applies to care facilities and their residents. A third segment are persons-in-need living independently at home, respectively their relatives, who gain a level of safety from using the developed product. Cost Structure There are three main components. The system has to be developed into a product, typically in a development contract between the care technology provider and Fraunhofer. To license the background IP, a licensing contract between the two parties has to be drawn up. Finally the care technology provider has to source the system from an integrator. Revenue Streams The revenue streams are primarily the input from direct sales and to a lesser degree maintenance contracts. It can be foreseen to have upgrade options available.
Channels. Landsat satellite image of the 1990 flood of the lower Paroo River, overlayed with a map of the Paroo River catchment and its floodplains in NSW and Queensland.The Paroo catchment and the Xxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Basin and the states are shown on the inset map.
Channels. McKesson's responsibilities will include exclusive -------- management of Content within the Health Subject Areas, except as provided in section 3.5. McKesson will assume management of Channels within the Health Subject Areas promptly after the Effective Date and following orientation by AvantGo concerning the AG Service. Content Partner Agreements in existence prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement for Channels in Health Subject Areas may continue in effect only until they first expire or otherwise terminate, after which time any continuation will be within McKesson's sole discretion. McKesson will determine appropriate Channels within the Health Subject Areas to add to or delete from the Health Category. AvantGo may request that particular Content Providers or Channels be included in the Health Category, and McKesson will consider in good faith accommodating such requests. AvantGo will cooperate as reasonably requested by McKesson in connection with McKesson's Health Category management and the allocation of Content to Subscribers.
Channels. This Agreement will apply to the operation of those certain channels subject to a Primary Lease which Sprint may from time to time identify to Operator in a written notice (each, an "OPERATION NOTICE"). Each Operation Notice will include a statement that the services to be provided by Operator are permitted under the Primary Lease, and that Sprint has secured all rights of access and permissions needed by Operator to perform its obligations hereunder. Effective no later than thirty (30) days following delivery of an Operation Notice (each, an "OPERATION SPRINT PROPRIETARY INFORMATION EXHIBIT C - Transmission Facilities Operation and Maintenance Agreement COMMENCEMENT DATE"), any channels designated therein will be considered as "Channels" for purposes of this Agreement. From tune to time during the term of this Agreement, Sprint may elect to terminate this Agreement with respect to specific Channels by providing written notice (each, a "TERMINATION NOTICE") identifying such Channels. Effective as of the tenth (10th) day following the Termination Notice (the "OPERATION TERMINATION DATE"), such Channels will no longer be considered Channels for purposes of this Agreement.
Channels. An electrical or photonic, in the case of fiber optic-based transmission systems, communications path between two or more points of termination.
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Channels. The Engineer may instruct that the Contractor provides open channels in place of existing subdrains where the latter may be damaged or in any other place. The rates entered by the Contractor in the bills of quantities must include for removal and disposal of any subdrain material, excavation to line and level, backfilling and compaction as directed by the engineer.
Channels. At a high-level, a combination of face-to-face and written channels will be used to reach target audiences with the right messages. Reaching the public may require a combination of open forums, media outlets and science museums. The weighting of these channels will shift and evolve based on resources and message effectiveness over time. Scientific communities will need more direct contact with HBP scientists through conferences and workshops, as well as publications in scientific journals. Communication with the media will involve HBP scientists, Project spokespeople and the Consortium’s network of Partner Institution media departments at local, regional, national and international levels. Specific channel strategies include media dissemination and monitoring, social media, the public website, communications team online portal, the HBP newsletter and magazine, and science centres and museums. Media dissemination and monitoring The HBP plans to use a journalist database to disseminate HBP news to targeted journalists, and a news monitoring service to monitor relevant global news. The journalist database will provide validated contact information, support for targeted press release distribution, journalists’ tweet tracking and topic/specialist segmentation. The news monitoring service will monitor global news, so we can validate and post relevant news to the HBP website, and to social networking environments. Social media The HBP’s social media presence will be emphasised to encourage conversations among the Public, scientists, government personnel, and industry. The HBP aims to develop content specifically for the social networking environment and maintain an on-going, two-way dialogue with targeted audiences via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and other emerging systems. YouTube will be used to host videos describing the HBP and its SPs. A professional network for HBP personnel and researchers outside the HBP will be constructed using LinkedIn and similar online environments. Public website The HBP will develop and update its website to clearly inform the public about what HBP is, why it exists, its on-going activities, and its various impacts on society. The website is intended to be a portal and an authoritative information resource for the HBP and other brain research around the world. It will provide access to information about the HBP, its research, its Partners, and opportunities to get involved. A calendar will allow HBP Partners to provide i...
Channels. The parties acknowledge and agree that RCI may, at its sole discretion, make corrections, enhancements, revisions, updates, or other similar changes to the RCI Catalog, and that such changes shall become a part of the RCI Catalog as provided to PRG customers from time to time.
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