Channels Sample Clauses

Channels. 2.1 The Channels assigned by the Distributor to the Network User may or may not be for the exclusive use of the Network User.
Channels. This Agreement will apply to the operation of those certain channels subject to a Primary Lease which Sprint may from time to time identify to Operator in a written notice (each, an "OPERATION NOTICE"). Each Operation Notice will include a statement that the services to be provided by Operator are permitted under the Primary Lease, and that Sprint has secured all rights of access and permissions needed by Operator to perform its obligations hereunder. Effective no later than thirty (30) days following delivery of an Operation Notice (each, an "OPERATION SPRINT PROPRIETARY INFORMATION EXHIBIT C - Transmission Facilities Operation and Maintenance Agreement COMMENCEMENT DATE"), any channels designated therein will be considered as "Channels" for purposes of this Agreement. From tune to time during the term of this Agreement, Sprint may elect to terminate this Agreement with respect to specific Channels by providing written notice (each, a "TERMINATION NOTICE") identifying such Channels. Effective as of the tenth (10th) day following the Termination Notice (the "OPERATION TERMINATION DATE"), such Channels will no longer be considered Channels for purposes of this Agreement.
Channels. McKesson's responsibilities will include exclusive -------- management of Content within the Health Subject Areas, except as provided in section 3.5. McKesson will assume management of Channels within the Health Subject Areas promptly after the Effective Date and following orientation by AvantGo concerning the AG Service. Content Partner Agreements in existence prior to the Effective Date of this Agreement for Channels in Health Subject Areas may continue in effect only until they first expire or otherwise terminate, after which time any continuation will be within McKesson's sole discretion. McKesson will determine appropriate Channels within the Health Subject Areas to add to or delete from the Health Category. AvantGo may request that particular Content Providers or Channels be included in the Health Category, and McKesson will consider in good faith accommodating such requests. AvantGo will cooperate as reasonably requested by McKesson in connection with McKesson's Health Category management and the allocation of Content to Subscribers.
Channels. The objective of this Agreement is the audio and video associated signal(s) of the television channels set forth in Annex 3 of this Agreement (the "Channels").
Channels. The parties acknowledge and agree that RCI may, at its sole discretion, make corrections, enhancements, revisions, updates, or other similar changes to the RCI Catalog, and that such changes shall become a part of the RCI Catalog as provided to PRG customers from time to time.
Channels. Landsat satellite image of the 1990 flood of the lower Paroo River, overlayed with a map of the Paroo River catchment and its floodplains in NSW and Queensland.The Paroo catchment and the Xxxxxx-Xxxxxxx Basin and the states are shown on the inset map.
Channels. (a) The Service Transponder shall only be used for the transmission of Customer’s Channels.
Channels. The Service as provided by ICT shall consist of at least -------- sixty (60), but no more than One Hundred and Twenty (120) channels of audio music transmitted without commercial interruption, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in digital format. The channels will each be comprised of a different format of music, including, for example, but without limitation, jazz, classical, adult contemporary, rock, country, urban, "oldies" and Latin music. ICT may, upon reasonable notice to Affiliate, make changes in the channels or in the genre of music. Channels may be added or deleted by ICT from time to time, provided that the rights and obligations of ICT and Affiliate shall remain unaffected thereby, except as otherwise set forth herein; and, provided further, in the event that (a) ICT adds channels to the total number of channels of the Service as of the launch date of the Service by Affiliate, Affiliate shall have the right, but not the obligation, 1 to carry such additional channels, and (b) the Service consists of fewer than sixty (60) channels, Affiliate shall have the right to terminate this Agreement upon thirty (30) days notice thereof to ICT. There are currently seventy-two (72) channels fully programmed, and one hundred twenty (120) channels shall be available by the end of 1995. ICT shall use reasonable efforts to provide that the content of the Service is generally consistent with national broadcast standards applicable to musical programming.
Channels. ‌ We also introduce a number of infrastructure CML channels in our models which are described below. • yield : () – offered by a thread that is willing to yield to other threads; • exec : () – used to instruct a thread to begin or resume execution; • newThr : ThrId – used to request and allocate a thread identifier for a new thread; • call : ObjId × OpId × (SCall | ACall) – used by threads to make operation calls; • × × • lCall : ObjId × OpId × (SCall | ACall) – used to delegate a call to a local operation; ret : ObjId ThrId Usl – used by an operation thread to communicate its return value to the CPU; • lRet : ObjId × ThrId × Usl – used by a CPU to return a value to a local object; • rCall : CPUId × BusCallMsg – used to send a remote call via a bus; • rRet : CPUId × BusRetMsg – used to send return messages via a bus; • cCall : CPUId × BusCallMsg – used by the bus to forward call messages to a CPU; • cRet : CPUId × BusRetMsg – used by the bus to forward return messages to a CPU. Additionally, the following channels must be generated on a per-model basis: • getState-‹Class› : State-‹Class› – used by threads of class Class to get the present central state; • → syncState-‹Class› : State-‹Class› State-‹Obj› – used by threads to synchronise their internal state with the central state.