educational institutions definition

educational institutions means schools and suchlike institutions;
educational institutions means the state universi- ties, the regional universities, The Evergreen State College, and the community colleges.
educational institutions means public and private schools at the primary, secondary and post-secondary levels.

Examples of educational institutions in a sentence

  • DJS has only one agency policy related to education (Coordination with Community Agencies and Educational Institutions), but procedures are governed by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) special education regulations.

  • Grantee shall comply with the requirements set forth in 2 CFR, Part 225 (States, local governments, and Indian Tribes), 2 CFR, Part 220 (Non-Profit Organizations), or 2 CFR, Part 220 Educational Institutions (even if part of a State or local government) as appropriate for the Grantee’s type of organization.

  • In the fourth quarter Educational Institutions will agree to have their random testing completed by Thanksgiving.

More Definitions of educational institutions

educational institutions means the state
educational institutions means schools (unless otherwise stated), [crèches on municipal properties], colleges, universities and suchlike institutions;
educational institutions means a University or any educational institution recognised as such by the State Government, a University or other authority competent in that behalf:
educational institutions means any University, any college affiliated to or maintained by the University, any junior college, any school or institution imparting primary, secondary or technical education and includes the Karnataka State Secondary Education Examination Board, the Karnataka State Board of Technical Education, the Karnataka Pre-University Board and such other institution or classes of institution as may be notified by the State Government in the official Gazette;
educational institutions means those institutions, including community colleges, universities, private educators, and other educational institutions approved by the Government of Ontario or an agency of such Government to provide post-secondary education to individuals within Ontario;
educational institutions means offering products (generally books) for sale to public or private schools or other educational institutions. Examples of Educational Institutions include, without limitation, the Los Angeles Unified School District.
educational institutions means public and private community colleges, colleges and universities in the state;