Dental definition

Dental means of or relating to the teeth and the work of a dentist.
Dental means belonging to the study and practice of dentistry or a dental specialty for the prevention, alleviation or management of an adverse medical/dental condition.
Dental means pertaining to dentistry;

Examples of Dental in a sentence

  • If you did not, you must advise Cigna Dental of your Dental Office selection prior to receiving treatment.

  • You and your Dependents should have selected a Dental Office when you enrolled in the Dental Plan.

  • You should complete any dental procedure in progress before transferring to another Dental Office.

  • Services or supplies for dental care, except as described in Dental Surgical Procedures.

  • Medically Necessary diagnostic and/or surgical treatment is covered for conditions affecting the temporomandibular joint (including the jaw or craniomandibular joint) as a result of an accident, trauma, congenital defect, developmental defect or pathology, as described in Dental Surgical Procedures.

More Definitions of Dental

Dental means medically indicated treatment to and for teeth.
Dental means products, devices or services pertaining to the teeth.
Dental means conditions having to do with the teeth and supporting structures.¶
Dental means having to do with the teeth.
Dental. The City agrees to pay the premiums for full family dental insurance for employees covered by this Agreement for the life of the Agreement. However the City will continue to research options through AWC and/or WDS/Delta Dental for a more robust dental plan and on/by 06/01/18 either side may invoke a dental opener for 2019 for changing to a more robust dental plan, and if a more robust dental plan is indeed added, the Employer and the employees shall share in the dental insurance premium. The employer will pay 85% of the premium and the employee will pay 15% of the premium for the life of this agreement, up to “full family” coverage premium as applicable.
Dental means medically indicated treatment to and for teeth including fillings, root canal, basic gum diseases, cleaning, extractions and polishing.
Dental. An amount paid to a dentist, dental hygienist, dental surgeon or dental mechanic for dental services provided to the patient (to the extent that the fees are for diagnostic, therapeutic or rehabilitative services) are eligible medical expenses.