Site Supervisor definition

Site Supervisor means a Site employee, member, or volunteer, who is responsible for monitoring and supervising the Student throughout the Program.
Site Supervisor means a person who, regardless of his or her title, has operational program responsibility for a child care and development program at a single site. A site supervisor shall hold a permit issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing that authorizes supervision of a child care and development program operating in a single site. The Superintendent may waive the requirements of this subdivision if the Superintendent determines that the existence of compelling need is appropriately documented.
Site Supervisor means a Site employee, agent, or volunteer, who is responsible for monitoring and supervising the Student throughout the ELP.

Examples of Site Supervisor in a sentence

  • The Contractor’s Foreman or Site Supervisor must be equipped with a cellular phone and/or pager at all times.

  • The Contractor shall complete and emailed the Monthly Inspection Report to the Performance Administrator (Park Site Supervisor or designee) by the fifth (5th) of the following month.

  • The counselor trainee will be supervised by, a John Carroll University Practicum Supervisor or Site Supervisor.

  • The Contractor agrees to employ, at a minimum, one Key Personnel defined by the State as a full-time Project / Regional / Area or Site Supervisor who will be directly responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Contract.

  • Contractor Site Supervisor has the meaning set out in GC

More Definitions of Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor means an individual who oversees the daily operation of a school age program when a multi-site director has been named. The site supervisor must meet all requirements as defined under R 400.8119.
Site Supervisor means a person appointed (whether alone or as a member of a team of site supervisors) under section 10 to be a site supervisor in respect of any small-scale or large building works;
Site Supervisor. Title: Phone: Email: Start Date: End Date: Total Agreed Upon Work Hours: This position is (check one): Unpaid □ Paid □ (If paid, please provide or explain the amount of compensation, gift, stipend, or value of trade):
Site Supervisor. I have read and understand the duties and responsibilities of the Student in the Undergraduate Student Internship/Practicum Agreement and I concur with the Student’s duties/assignments and learning objectives. I have read and understand the duties and responsibilities contained in the Site Supervisor Agreement regarding the role of the Organization and Site Supervisor in the program. By signing below, I agree to execute my duties and meet my responsibilities as the Site Supervisor that are set forth above in order to help the Student satisfy the learning objectives and other requirements of the Undergraduate Student Internship/Practicum Program. Site Supervisor Signature Date: Internship/Practicum Agreement Addendum I. Student Information Student Name (include maiden name if applicable): Student ID #: Mailing Address: City: State: Zip: Phone: Email: @XXXXXXX.XXX Major/Program: International Student (check one): YES □ NO □ Has Student been convicted of a felony (check one): YES □ NO □ Class Status (check one): JuniorSenior □ Anticipated Graduation Month/Year: / (e.g., May/2016)
Site Supervisor. The Company maintains the right to appoint a site supervisor at any site with excess of 168 hours per week. Employees at sites that do not meet the criteria noted above but currently considered site supervisors shall be permitted to maintain their supervisory status until they leave their position for any reason.
Site Supervisor means a person who has charge of a workplace or authority over a worker.