Turn Off definition

Turn Off means to discontinue the water service to any owner or any lot by closing a Curb Stop or by such other means as the District finds appropriate;
Turn Off means the process where the delivery of potable water to the Customer is terminated. Turn Off is normally executed by operating the inlet valve or the master control valve, associated with the Meter setting. In EWSI’s sole discretion, Turn Off may be executed by operation of the Curb Cock;
Turn Off means to discontinue the collection of sewage by closing a curb-stop or by such other means as deemed appropriate;

Examples of Turn Off in a sentence

  • The Company will continue to bill the Temporary Turn Off Charge until such time as the street and area lighting facilities are transferred to another delivery service selected by the Customer, or as assigned by the Company following the maximum three year term of service.

  • NOTICE FOR TEMPORARY TURN OFF SERVICE In order for a municipal Customer to be served under the Temporary Turn Off Service provision of this tariff, the municipal Customer must provide written notice to the Company requesting such temporary turn off service.

  • MAINTENANCE Temporary Turn Off Service under this tariff does not include routine maintenance of lighting facilities temporarily discontinued by the municipal Customer.

  • Facility Charges The monthly bill will be based on the annual Temporary Turn Off Charges above.

  • RATE Under the Company’s Street and Area Lighting - Temporary Turn Off Service for municipal Customers requesting temporary turn off of the Company’s street and area lighting facilities, the Company shall bill the municipal Customer the following charges.

More Definitions of Turn Off

Turn Off means to discontinue the water service at the service box or by such other means as deemed appropriate.
Turn Off means to discontinue the water supply to any person or any lot by closing a curb stop or by such other means as the Public Works Superintendent shall find appropriate;
Turn Off means the shutting of the valve at the curb stop
Turn Off means the closing of the shut-off valve located in a standpipe at or near where the water connection crosses the property line.
Turn Off means the cessation or turning off of Water Service for a Building or a Property, and may include a final meter reading.
Turn Off means to turn off the water supply by closing a City of Salmon Arm owned valve or curb stop by any other means approved by the City of Salmon Arm;
Turn Off means a discontinuance of the Water Supply to a Property.