Flexible Sample Clauses

Flexible. Flexible and agile in practices, process, and guidelines to recognise and reward performance;
Flexible lifestyle leave is a voluntary arrangement where employees may purchase between one to eight weeks of additional leave, with a corresponding reduction in the number of working weeks.
Flexible. Type 1: full-time active employment for 9, 10 or 11 months per year with a prescheduled unpaid leave of absence with benefits ("flex-leave") during the remaining months. Type 2: 75-89% scheduled time active employment over the entire calendar year (30-35 hours per week) with part-time equivalent salary.
Flexible hour/year-round unit members work more than six (6) months per fiscal year, have hours that can fluctuate per week, and have shifts that can vary on a daily basis and shall be scheduled based on the needs of the department/position within which they are hired. Unit members in this category shall accrue sick leave, vacation days and holidays in accordance with the California Education Code prorated for less than 40 hours per week and less than twelve months per year.
Flexible conduit shall be used for indoor lighting connections in suspended ceiling areas and shall not exceed 6'0" in length.
Flexible. We deliver services that can adjust to meet the changing needs of schools and academies. Empathetic: We strive to understand the values and unique needs of each school and academy. Reliable: Schools and academies can always have confidence in our services. Quality assured: All our actions are underpinned by robust, transparent quality assurance systems. SFS provides a comprehensive financial accounting and budgetary support service. The service is designed to meet your needs as flexibly as possible, allowing your School to choose the range of support that is appropriate to your requirements. Advice and support are provided through personal visits, off site preparation, telephone/email support and a remote access facility.
Flexible. 6.7.6 Sizes of cables between array interconnections, array to junction boxes, junction boxes to Inverter etc. shall be so selected to keep the voltage drop (power loss) of the entire solar system to the minimum. The cables (as per IS) should be insulated with a special grade PVC compound formulated for outdoor use.
Flexible hour unit members may be eligible for prorated benefits. To be eligible for pro-rated insurance, the flexible-hour unit member’s regular assignment must be a minimum average of 30 hours per week averaged over a twelve (12) month period.
Flexible. Assay optimization is easy and expedited with the ability to run a different protocol in each of the sixteen sites simultaneously. The ability for multiple operators to use the system concurrently gives new meaning to the term multi-tasking.