FLEXIBLE Sample Clauses

FLEXIBLE. ROSTERING‌ The parties agree to examine with a view to reaching agreement on flexible rostering arrangements at work sites to enable improved coverage having regard to relevant factors such as seasonality, peak load periods and annual leave patterns. Revised rostering arrangements shall only be implemented on the basis that no backfill arises, no additional labour costs arise and that operational needs of the organisation continue to be met. The examination of such flexible arrangements will continue to occur during the life of the Agreement. In the event of agreement not being reached the parties may utilise the provisions of the Dispute Settling Procedure clause.
FLEXIBLE. Each Bond accruing interest at a Flexible Rate shall be subject to mandatory tender for purchase on each Interest Payment Date applicable to such Bond, at a Purchase Price equal to 100% of the principal amount thereof, plus interest accrued during such Flexible Rate Period. The Registered Owner of any Bond accruing interest at a Flexible Rate shall provide the Paying Agent with written payment instructions for the Purchase Price of its Bond on or before tender thereof to the Paying Agent.
FLEXIBLE. HOURS‌ E.1 A flexible arrangement for the hours of work will apply by mutual consent between the Hospital and the Union so that the regular hours for the nurses working flexible hours will not exceed seventy-five (75) hours per pay period. This article does not apply if the staff are on a pre-determined rotation scheduled as per Article D.
FLEXIBLE. HOURS‌ Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 8.1 and 8.2 above, employees may alter their assigned schedules through the use of flexible hours under the following circumstances:
FLEXIBLE. Some employees have been hired to meet unexpected increases in work requirements. These employees have been identified as Flex employees who do not have specific schedules. In order to ensure that there are enough employees to meet an increase in workload, the employee must provide a phone number or numbers to their supervisor where they can be reached. This would normally be a home phone number and/or a cell phone number. Alternately, the supervisor may permit the employee to call-in to determine, if there will be a need for the employee to report for duty on a specific day. This would be appropriate if it can be determined, by a specific time, that there will be no increase in workload.
FLEXIBLE. The service shall be capable of responding to individual service users and their changing needs. Every effort should be made to maintain the person at home. The service provider is expected to provide staff with sufficient training and skills to support people with complex needs or where needs are changing. The council expects the service provider to demonstrate commitment and determination to work together with others, for example the Learning disability specialist health team to support people through difficult or challenging times. The Council does recognize that the current provision may not be able to meet all complex needs. In such an instance a reassessment shall be carried out by the council.
FLEXIBLE. 5. Careful about their alcohol consumption

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Flexible Spending Account The parties agree that the State shall have the right to use State Employee Health Plan funds to cover the administrative costs of operating the medical and dependent care flexible spending account programs.
Flexible Spending Accounts The Parties shall use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that as of the Operational Separation Date any health or dependent care flexible spending accounts of Spinco Group Employees (whether positive or negative) (the “Transferred Account Balances”) under Parent Welfare Plans that are health or dependent care flexible spending account plans are transferred, as soon as practicable after the Operational Separation Date, from the Parent Welfare Plans to the corresponding Spinco Welfare Plans. Such Spinco Welfare Plans shall assume responsibility as of the Operational Separation Date for all outstanding health or dependent care claims under the corresponding Parent Welfare Plans of each Spinco Group Employee for the year in which the Operational Separation Date occurs and shall assume and agree to perform the obligations of the corresponding Parent Welfare Plans from and after the Operational Separation Date. As soon as practicable after the Operational Separation Date, and in any event within thirty (30) days after the amount of the Transferred Account Balances is determined or such later date as mutually agreed upon by the Parties, Spinco shall pay Parent the net aggregate amount of the Transferred Account Balances, if such amount is positive, and Parent shall pay Spinco the net aggregate amount of the Transferred Account Balances, if such amount is negative.
Flexible Benefits Plan The School District of Lee County shall offer its 30 employees an IRS Section 125 qualified Flexible Benefits Plan (Flex Plan). Voluntary benefits 31 included in the Flex Plan may be purchased pre-tax through payroll deduction or with Flex Credits. 34 have the option to waive participation in the Flex Plan within the first thirty (30) days of
401(k) Plan The terms of the 401(k) Plan will govern Employee’s account balance, if any, under such 401(k) Plan.
Cafeteria Plan Employees who are full-time bargaining unit members including those on Board approved paid leave, but excluding those on sick leave or disability leave shall have access to the “Cafeteria Plan” established by the Board. Part-time unit members and members on unpaid Board approved leave are not eligible to participate in the program. The following criteria shall apply to the granting of cafeteria insurance benefits:
Savings Plan Executive will be eligible to enroll and participate, and be immediately vested in, all Company savings and retirement plans, including any 401(k) plans, as are available from time to time to other key executive employees.
Dental Care Plan The Welfare Plan will include a Dental Care Plan which will reimburse members for expenses incurred in respect of the coverages summarized in Appendix "1". The Plan will not duplicate benefits provided now or which may be provided in the future by any government program.
Flexible Hours Subject to operational requirements, an employee on day work shall have the right to select and request flexible hours between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. and such request shall not be unreasonably denied.
Health Care Savings Plan Employees who, for reasons other than layoff or death, are eligible to receive severance pay will have one hundred percent (100%) of severance pay, as defined in Section 1 above, and one hundred percent (100%) of vacation pay converted to an MSRS health care savings plan account. Employees who do not meet the requirements for the health care savings plan account, or whose combined severance and vacation pay totals less than five hundred dollars ($500) will continue to receive their severance and vacation payments in cash. See article 10 section 6 for vacation transfer to severance guidelines.
Retirement Plans In connection with the individual retirement accounts, simplified employee pension plans, rollover individual retirement plans, educational IRAs and ROTH individual retirement accounts (“IRA Plans”), 403(b) Plans and money purchase and profit sharing plans (collectively, the “Retirement Plans”) within the meaning of Section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”) sponsored by a Fund for which contributions of the Fund’s shareholders (the “Participants”) are invested solely in Shares of the Fund, JHSS shall provide the following administrative services: