Emergency Management Sample Clauses

Emergency Management. 17.1 The Manager reserves the right to use the Berth in the case of an emergency and also to require the Customer to vacate the Berth if necessary to allow urgent repairs to be carried out. In such circumstances the Manager may, but shall not be obliged to, provide an alternative berth or mooring.
Emergency Management. The plan shall also address the assumption of operations of the program or facility by Department in the event of Contractor's bankruptcy or financial insolvency or if Contractor is unable to operate the facility.
Emergency Management. 5. Delivery
Emergency Management. A. Any twelve (12)-month unit member designated as an essential employee by the Superintendent shall have the following work options when schools are closed:
Emergency Management. Swire shall ensure public safety and protection of the property within the coastal zone from the threat of hurricanes. The Project is within the Coastal High Hazard Area (CHHA) as depicted in the Map and Appendix CM-1 of the MCNP. Swire will review the Development’s potential impact on evacuation times and shelter needs in the event of a hurricane or any other natural disaster. Swire will advise the City at the time of receipt of any Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy of the status of the evacuation times and shelter needs and how Swire will address any short comings.
Emergency Management. The EMPLOYER shall maintain an Emergency 40 Management-Disaster Response Plan, NAVSHIPYDPUGETINST P3440.10. The Plan 41 will provide direction and procedures for dealing with emergency situations such as 42 natural (e.g. earthquakes, fires or floods) or man-made (e.g. terrorist or radiological 43 emergencies) disasters. The EMPLOYER shall keep employees informed of the Plan 44 and required actions and/or responsibilities. 45
Emergency Management. M. Water/ Sewer Department.