Arrangements Sample Clauses

Arrangements. If the Employer treats two plans as a unit for coverage or nondiscrimination purposes, the Employer must combine the Code Section 401(k) arrangements under such plans to determine whether either plan satisfies the ADP test. This aggregation rule applies to the ADP determination for all Eligible Employees, irrespective of whether an Eligible Employee is a Highly Compensated Employee or a Nonhighly Compensated Employee. For Plan Years beginning after December 31, 1989, an aggregation of Code Section 401(k) arrangements under this paragraph does not apply to plans which have different plan years and, for Plan Years beginning after December 31, 1988, the Advisory Committee may not aggregate an ESOP (or the ESOP portion of a plan) with a non-ESOP plan (or non-ESOP portion of a plan).
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Arrangements. An employee may be required to take leave without pay during all or part of the non-term weeks, provided that:
Arrangements. Setting up of tables and chairs and all service arrangements shall be completed by Renter, unless other contract services are arranged. Tables and chairs are to be returned to the storage areas. Signage is posted in the chair closets for correct return of the chairs & tables. Please follow instructions. All dishes, silverware, towels, table covers, napkins, and other such items shall be furnished by Renter. No tobacco products are allowed in the facility. Smoke or fog machines are prohibited.
Arrangements. 10.1 iNetworks and Verizon will establish MPB arrangements in order to provide a common transport option to Switched Exchange Access Services customers via a Verizon access Tandem Switch in accordance with the MPB guidelines contained in the OBF’s MECAB and MECOD documents, except as modified herein, and in Verizon’s applicable Tariffs. The arrangements described in this Section 10 are intended to be used to provide Switched Exchange Access Service where the transport component of the Switched Exchange Access Service is routed through an access Tandem Switch that is provided by Verizon.
Arrangements. Negotiations may be held video teleconference, telephonically, or in a suitable meeting room provided by the Agency. The Agency will furnish the UNION negotiating team with a caucus room, such as a conference room or other private meeting space which is in close proximity to the negotiation room, if negotiations will be conducted in person. The method of negotiation is subject to agreement by both parties.
Arrangements. The Department and the Contractor shall agree in advance of any survey activity taking place the consent arrangements that shall apply for each of the participant groups. All participants should be informed of the purpose of the research, that the Contractor is acting on behalf of the Department and that they have the option to refuse to participate (opt out). Contact details should be provided including a contact person at the Department. Children who are 16 or over will usually be able to give their own consent but even where this is so, the Contractor, in consultation with the Department, should consider whether it is also appropriate for parents, guardians or other appropriate gatekeepers (e.g. schools, Local Authorities) to be informed when a child has been invited to participate in research.
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Arrangements. The date and time of the next meeting shall, if possible, be agreed to before the close of each session.
Arrangements to enter into any compromise, extension, reorganization, deposit, merger or consolidation agreement or similar arrangement in any way relating to or affecting the Collateral, and in connection therewith may deposit, exchange or surrender control of the Collateral and accept other property upon such terms as the Secured Party may consider appropriate, and either with or without payment or exchange of money for equality of exchange or otherwise;
Arrangements. 8.1 The accountability arrangements of the Management Team and their relationship with Cwm Taf Morgannwg UHB are set out in Appendix D
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