ARIN Sample Clauses

ARIN enforces any Policy against Holder which has been applied in violation of this Agreement and does not remedy any material adverse effect caused by such action within sixty (60) days’ after written notice thereof; or (iv) ARIN assesses a Maintenance Fee in violation of Section 4(a) and does not cure such violation within sixty (60) days’ after written notice thereof. If ARIN formally disputes Holder’s right to terminate this Agreement, ARIN shall respond in writing to Holder and may deny its actions are a breach or alternatively indicate its corrective action. Any failure of ARIN to respond to Holder in writing shall constitute a denial of the breach and create a dispute between the parties which will be resolved pursuant to Section 14(k). If the Holder still seeks to terminate this Agreement for cause after receiving a response from ARIN, it must bring action pursuant to Section 14(k), and obtain a judgment by the Arbitrator chosen for this purpose that such cause to terminate exists. If such a cause for termination is found by the Arbitrator against ARIN, this Agreement will be terminated, ARIN will be under no obligation to provide any of the Services under this Agreement. Upon termination, Included Number Resources that were Legacy Number Resources immediately prior to being brought under this Agreement shall resume their status as Legacy Number Resources, and all other Included Number Resources shall be returned to ARIN.
ARIN shall not be liable for any damages due to a failure to meet any obligation under these terms and conditions.
ARIN may cancel a grant award when, in its sole and absolute discretion, the Recipient’s performance or conduct fails to meet the objectives of the Project or the ARIN Community Grant Program. In addition, ARIN may take other corrective action as it sees fit and to enforce the terms of this Agreement. Each case of Funding under the ARIN Community Grant Program is governed by the terms in this Agreement.
ARIN. The American Registry for Internet Numbers, Ltd., a nonprofit 501(c)(6) membership association under US law, with a registered office in Centreville, Virginia. ARIN Community Grant Program – The program established by ARIN with the purpose to distribute funding to organizations in order to support initiatives that improve the overall Internet industry and Internet user environment while advancing ARIN’s mission and benefiting the Internet community in the ARIN service region. Project – A specific venture or activity as described by the Recipient during the application process. Funding – A certain amount of money from the ARIN Community Grant Program for a Project. Recipient – An organization selected by ARIN to receive Funding.
ARIN. Registration of IP addresses agreement pursuant to ARIN Invoice No. R-9907-727, dated 7/6/99.
ARIN. American Registry for Internet Numbers xxxxx:// • One of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) representing the North America region (the USA, Canada, parts of the Caribbean and Antarctica). ARPANET • Advanced Research Projects Agency Network xxxx:// Academic network precursor to the Internet. ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange xxxx:// • 7-bit character code. Each single bit represents a unique character. AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph xxxx:// • Large US telecom and Internet provider. B BBS Bulletin Board System xxxx:// • Computer system using software to connect users/user groups in the 1980s and early 1990s. BGP Border Gateway Protocol xxxx:// • One of the main protocols of the Internet, carrying out fully decentralised routing based on path, network policies and/or rule-sets. blog From weblog: web + blog or online blog xxxx:// • A website that displays in chronological order the postings by one or more individuals and usually has links to comments on specific posts. C CC Creative Commons xxxx:// • An open licensing system that assists authors in sharing their work. ccTLD country code Top Level Domain xxxx:// • Two-letter country code top level domain names, such as .ve (Venezuela) or .uk (United Kingdom), which are administered by the country code manager. CERN European Centre for Nuclear Investigations xxxx:// • Leading Geneva-based scientific organisation involved in many breakthroughs in Internet technology (invention of WWW and grid-computing). CERT Computer Emergency Response (or Readiness) Team xxxx://xxx.xxxxx.xxxxxx.xx/activities/cert • Teams of security and computer experts organised at national and government, corporate or other levels, to prevent and instantly react to cyber-attacks or major incidents on networked systems in order to limit damage and ensure continuity of critical services. CI Critical Infrastructure xxxx:// • CI is generally considered as the key system, services and functions whose disruption or destruction would have a debilitating impact on public health and safety, commerce, and national security...
ARIN will complete the transfer of the IPv4 Numbers to the Buyer and update the Whois.
ARIN will sign the NDA and return a copy to you for your records. AMERICAN REGISTRY FOR INTERNET NUMBERS (ARIN) NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT This is an Agreement between the American Registry for Internet Numbers (hereinafter referred to as ARIN) and (hereinafter referred to as Applicant). It is recognized that it may be desirable for the Applicant to provide ARIN with specific proprietary information for the purpose of ARIN's allocation of IP address space. W ith respect to such information the parties agree as follows: