APPLIANCES AND FIXTURES. The cost of any repair or service to any appliance, plumbing or fixture due to improper use by Resident shall be paid by Resident. No personal dish-washing machine, clothes washing machine, clothes dryer or other large appliance is permitted in the Premises without prior written consent of Landlord. • Equipment: The Premises is provided with Refrigerator, Stove/Oven, Garbage Disposal, Dishwasher, Air Conditioner, Heater, and Water Heater. Residents assume responsibility for any misuse of this equipment. Landlord will assist with any questions as to the procedures for proper operation of the equipment. • Dishwasher: Overloading of dishwasher is prohibited. Only detergents made for automatic dishwashers shall be used. Please do not attempt to wash clothes in the dishwasher. • Counter Tops: Resident shall not use the countertop as a cutting board.
APPLIANCES AND FIXTURES. Overloading of dishwashers is prohibited. Only detergents made for automatic dishwashers may be utilized. Tenant(s) may not store any items such as brooms, mops, boxes, and other items in the utility closet since this is a fire hazard and may cause pipes or wires to become dislodged or faulty. Any repairs on appliances due to this violation will be charged to the Tenant(s). In the event of a power failure, Tenant(s) shall check the circuit breaker inside the apartment before reporting such power failure to Landlord. Tenant(s) shall not place tampons, sanitary napkins, paper towels, or q-tips in any toilet. The cost of repairs or services to any appliance, plumbing or fixture due to improper use by the Tenant(s) will be paid by the Tenant(s). Tenant(s) shall not use any toilets, drain, or any other plumbing apparatus for any purposes other than those for which same were designed, and Tenant(s) shall not permit any dirt, dust, sweepings, ashes, or other substances to be placed therein. In cold weather, Tenant(s) shall take such steps as are necessary to prevent bursting of water pipes serving the property’s structure(s). Tenant(s) shall be liable for any and all damages caused by Tenant(s) failure to take such reasonable precaution, including damage to personal property of others. Tenant(s) must keep utilities (electricity, water, etc.) turned on in order to maintain appliances in operating order and provide heat in cold months, from the date utilities are turned off by cancellation or otherwise, it is presumed that the Tenant(s) has abandoned the property and the Landlord may enter and take possession, any damages from utilities being turned off until Landlord gains possession shall be paid by Tenant(s). During the months of November until April, the heat shall not be cut off and the thermostat shall not be set lower than 50 (Fifty) degrees Fahrenheit. Tenant(s) shall keep appliance manuals together and refer to, if unsure how to use an appliance.
APPLIANCES AND FIXTURES. Washer/Dryers: If your apartment is furnished with a washer and dryer, do not use dye or caustic material in the machines. Please do not overload the washers or dryers. We are not responsible for damage of personal property. As a courtesy to your neighbors, please operate your washer/dryer only between 7:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m. • Washing machines, Dryers and Dishwashers should never be left unattended. The possibility of flood or fire exists from malfunction or misuse of these appliances. • Dishwashers: Please do not overload and use only detergents made for automatic dishwashers. • Disposals: Turn on cold water before starting your disposal and allow to run at least 15 seconds after grinding stops. To keep your disposal in good working order, do not grind bones, rinds or stringy foods. If your disposal stops, check the reset button on the outside of the unit. • Refrigerators (Non frost free): Please do not use sharp objects to defrost your refrigerator, as they will puncture freezer walls. • Water bed: Water beds are allowed only with written permission of management and only after furnishing management with proof of water bed insurance or renter's insurance. • Water Heater: According to Washington State law the water heater in your apartment is set at 120F. Management will not change the setting to a higher temperature and we urge you not to change it.
APPLIANCES AND FIXTURES. Resident shall keep appliance manuals together and refer to manuals if unsure how to use appliance. The cost of any repair or service to any appliance, plumbing or fixture due to improper use by Resident, shall be paid by Resident. ● Ovens: Ovens are self‐cleaning. RESIDENTS ARE PROHIBITED FROM USING ANY KIND OF OVEN CLEANER. ● Refrigerator: Please note that if the refrigerator is moved out too far or is not moved back carefully, the supply line to the icemaker may become loose or crimped causing minor to severe leaks. Any and all damage will be charged to Resident(s). Please call the office to set up an appointment with maintenance if help is needed. ● Dishwasher: Overloading of dishwasher is prohibited. Only detergents made for automatic dishwashers shall be used. Please do not attempt to wash clothes in the dishwasher.


  • FIXTURES AND FITTINGS 17.1 The property is sold together with any buildings or other improvements thereon and to the extent as it lies. Upon the same terms and conditions ventilated in clause 7 above (which terms are incorporated herein by reference, but appropriately adapted to what is pertinently described herein), the Seller and the agents does not assume any liability in respect of the condition, usability, serviceability or possible state of disrepair of any of the buildings or improvements thereon, nor in respect of any of the fixtures and fittings therein, including stoves and whatever assets are sold in terms of this agreement, all of it in the condition as it currently lies.

  • Fixtures All Equipment now owned, or the ownership of which is hereafter acquired, by Borrower which is so related to the Land and Improvements forming part of the Property that it is deemed fixtures or real property under the law of the particular state in which the Equipment is located, including, without limitation, all building or construction materials intended for construction, reconstruction, alteration or repair of or installation on the Property, construction equipment, appliances, machinery, plant equipment, fittings, apparatuses, fixtures and other items now or hereafter attached to, installed in or used in connection with (temporarily or permanently) any of the Improvements or the Land, including, but not limited to, engines, devices for the operation of pumps, pipes, plumbing, cleaning, call and sprinkler systems, fire extinguishing apparatuses and equipment, heating, ventilating, plumbing, laundry, incinerating, electrical, air conditioning and air cooling equipment and systems, gas and electric machinery, appurtenances and equipment, pollution control equipment, security systems, disposals, dishwashers, refrigerators and ranges, recreational equipment and facilities of all kinds, and water, gas, electrical, storm and sanitary sewer facilities, utility lines and equipment (whether owned individually or jointly with others, and, if owned jointly, to the extent of Borrower's interest therein) and all other utilities whether or not situated in easements, all water tanks, water supply, water power sites, fuel stations, fuel tanks, fuel supply, and all other structures, together with all accessions, appurtenances, additions, replacements, betterments and substitutions for any of the foregoing and the proceeds thereof (collectively, the "FIXTURES"). Notwithstanding the foregoing, "Fixtures" shall not include any property which tenants are entitled to remove pursuant to leases except to the extent that Borrower shall have any right or interest therein;

  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Sublessee shall have the right to use during the Term the furnishings within the Subleased Premises which are identified on Exhibit C attached hereto (the “Furniture”) at no additional cost to Sublessee. The Furniture is provided in its “AS IS, WHERE IS” condition, without representation or warranty whatsoever. Sublessee shall insure the Furniture under the property insurance policy required under the Master Lease, as incorporated herein, and pay all taxes with respect to the Furniture. Sublessee shall maintain the Furniture in the condition and repair existing as of the date hereof, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and shall be responsible for any loss or damage to the same occurring during the Term. Sublessee shall surrender the Furniture to Sublessor upon the termination of this Sublease in the same condition as exists as of the date hereof, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Sublessee shall not remove any of the Furniture from the Subleased Premises. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein or in the Master Lease, Sublessor shall not be required to provide any personal property (other than the Furniture) or any data-related service to Sublessee.

  • Furniture Sublandlord shall leave the Furniture in the Premises during the Term for use by Subtenant. Sublandlord shall remove from the Premises all furniture not included in the Furniture. Subtenant may move the Furniture within the Premises and may, at Subtenant’s sole cost and after giving notice to Sublandlord, store any unnecessary Furniture at a location or locations other than the Premises. Subtenant shall maintain the Furniture in good condition and repair, ordinary wear and tear excepted. Prior to the end of the Term, Subtenant may provide Sublandlord with a list of the items of Furniture it wishes to purchase and Sublandlord will provide Subtenant with a purchase price for each such item of Furniture. For the items of Furniture, with respect to which the parties are able to agree on a purchase price, Subtenant shall pay such purchase price to Sublandlord and Sublandlord shall transfer such items of Furniture, in their “as-is, where-is” condition, to Subtenant by a xxxx of sale.

  • Machinery Business machines and mechanical equipment belonging to Tenant which cause noise and/or vibration that may be transmitted to the structure of the Building or to any other leased space to such a degree as to be objectionable to Landlord or to any tenants in the Complex shall be placed and maintained by the party possessing the machines or equipment, at such party’s expense, in settings of cork, rubber or spring type noise and/or vibration eliminators, and Tenant shall take such other measures as needed to eliminate vibration and/or noise. If the noise or vibrations cannot be eliminated, Tenant must remove such equipment within ten (10) days following written notice from Landlord.

  • Equipment The Fund shall obtain and maintain at its own cost and expense all equipment and services, including but not limited to communications services, necessary for it to utilize the Software and obtain access to the System, and Custodian shall not be responsible for the reliability or availability of any such equipment or services.

  • FURNISHINGS The Premises is: (check one) ☐ - To be furnished with the following items: [ENTER FURNISHINGS] ☐ - Not furnished.

  • APPLIANCES The Landlord shall: (check one) ☐ - Provide the following appliances: . ☐ - Not provide any appliances.

  • Fixtures and Equipment Each of the Company and its Subsidiaries (as applicable) has good title to, or a valid leasehold interest in, the tangible personal property, equipment, improvements, fixtures, and other personal property and appurtenances that are used by the Company or its Subsidiary in connection with the conduct of its business (the “Fixtures and Equipment”). The Fixtures and Equipment are structurally sound, are in good operating condition and repair, are adequate for the uses to which they are being put, are not in need of maintenance or repairs except for ordinary, routine maintenance and repairs and are sufficient for the conduct of the Company’s and/or its Subsidiaries’ businesses (as applicable) in the manner as conducted prior to the Closing. Each of the Company and its Subsidiaries owns all of its Fixtures and Equipment free and clear of all Liens except for (a) liens for current taxes not yet due and (b) zoning laws and other land use restrictions that do not impair the present or anticipated use of the property subject thereto.

  • Real Property; Fixtures Each Grantor covenants and agrees that upon the acquisition of any fee interest in Real Property it will promptly (and in any event within two (2) Business Days of acquisition) notify Secured Party of the acquisition of such Real Property and will grant to Secured Party a first priority Mortgage on each fee interest in Real Property now or hereafter owned by such Grantor and shall deliver such other documentation and opinions, in form and substance satisfactory to Secured Party, in connection with the grant of such Mortgage as Secured Party shall request in its reasonable credit judgment, including title insurance policies, financing statements, fixture filings and environmental audits and such Grantor shall pay all recording costs, intangible taxes and other fees and costs (including reasonable attorneys fees and expenses) incurred in connection therewith. Each Grantor acknowledges and agrees that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, all of the Collateral shall remain personal property regardless of the manner of its attachment or affixation to real property.