Furniture definition

Furniture means articles of which wood, reeds, rattan, cane, seagrass or metal comprise the whole or part and such as are usually made or assembled by cabinet makers, assemblers in the furnishing trades, chair and couch makers, upholsterers, wood carvers, or wood turners; and
Furniture. Fixtures, and Equipment" shall mean all tangible personal property, excluding the Consumables, located on the Properties, and used in connection with the ownership, operation and maintenance of the Properties (collectively, the "FF & E"). The FF & E shall include all fixtures, furniture, furnishings, fittings, televisions, vehicles, equipment, computer hardware and nonproprietary software, machinery, apparatus, books and records of Seller pertaining to the Properties, appliances, china, glassware, linens, silverware, keys and uniforms owned by Seller and used in connection with the ownership, operation, and maintenance of the Properties.
Furniture means amenities such as but not limited to tables, chairs, benches, and other equipment that facilitates the stationary use of public space.

Examples of Furniture in a sentence

  • Systems Furniture and Accessories: Systems furniture, including monolithic and frame and tile, is a generic term for panels, work-surfaces, shelves, and other items sold by a single manufacturer as a package for furnishing offices.

  • ANSI/BIFMA: Safety and performance standards developed by The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) engineering committee.

  • Office Furniture consists of objects that are moveable, ergonomic, and intended to support the various activities that occur in an office setting.

  • In addition to providing the proposed categories for Office Furniture and related services, NASPO ValuePoint would like rental/financing options, including, but not limited to: lump sum payment, installment sale, rental and the option to lease any Office Furniture, supplies, materials and services.

  • The Workspace Furniture category will group together three (3) categories of coordinating furniture.

More Definitions of Furniture

Furniture means amenities such as but not limited to tables, chairs, benches, and other equipment that facilitates the stationary use of sidewalk, parking lanes, street area, and other public right of way spaces.
Furniture. Du Pont shall allow Tenant to utilize the private office, conference room, reception area and modular furniture systems in place within the premises as of October 20, 1997 hereinafter referred to as Furniture. By signing below, Lintronic acknowledges that it has inspected and accepts the Furniture with respect to quantity and quality. As a condition of utilizing said Furniture, Lintronic and Du Pont shall comply with the following:
Furniture is defined as means large, bulky objects used to enhance a residence, business, or other space for living or working. This includes, , including but is not limited to, couches, chairs, dressers, tables, desks, and bed frames. Furniture does not include mattresses, as defined by section 42986(g) of the Public Resources Code.
Furniture means those improvements, additions, alterations and installations constituting all or a part of the Branch Premises on and after the Agreement Date, all as more specifically described on Schedule 6.06.
Furniture includes freestanding and modular furniture including, without limitation: desks, tables, chairs, shelving, storage and file cabinets, miscellaneous furniture for xxxxxxxx and courtrooms, chairs and tables for conference, support, jury deliberation and assembly areas, file, clerical, and other functional spaces. Furniture excludes expendable items which may be required for day-to-day activities such as desk or chair pads, glass desk protectors, desk lamps, trash cans, office supplies, etc.
Furniture means chairs, tables, waiters’ stations, planter boxes, umbrellas, screens, barriers, awnings and any other similar structure or equipment;
Furniture means moveable articles used for convenience or decoration including curtains, rugs, chairs, tables and pictures.